Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

[ 77] the flriminum Subfcribers. 5. They that never accufed and convited the refuted Bifhops of Arrianifm , yet adhered to their former Bifhops. 4. It feemeth then that thepeople are left Judges (as to the guiding of their own practice) what Bifhops to refufe as heterodox, and whom to own as Orthodo,. And indeed the faying of Cyprian is well known, that [The people have the greateft power both to chufe a worthy Prieft, and to ?Vole Orfor- fake the unworthy.] 6. All Proteftants believe that it is no Schifra in France, or other Papift Countries, to chufe Paftors,andmeet for the WorfhipofGod,though forbidden by the Civil and Ecclefiaftick Go- vernors of the place, Ob). That is becaufe that the Princes are Paptf.s ..Anf. A Papift King is to be obeyed in laws kill things what Proteftant denieth that? Oj. But it is becaufe that the Churches and Wolhip in thofe Countries is fuckas it is not law- ful to be prefent at. Ant z. This Objection granteth, that when the commanded Affemblies or Worfhip are fuch as it is not lawful tobe prefent at; i. The' people are difcerning Judges; 2. And may lawfully meet elfewhere under Pallor's of their own choice. 2.Butlet theQ eftion be,(nót whether vie may be prefent in their Churches, but) whether we may let up other Churches, when we are neceflà- rily kept from thofe eftablifhed by Publick Power ?, and it will go Pat. 7. When the Form of Worfhip and Concord .called the Interim, was by Charles the 5th. im- pofed on the German Protestants, (being drawn up