Baxter - BX5202 B291 1679

C 7$ up by ?dials Pflug, Sidoniu and Iflehius 4ári cola, men pretending to moderation, as not im- ppofing the Mars, &c. the Proteftants judged it lawful to gather Aífemblies , and keep up Churches contrary to fuch an Edict of the Em- perour One halfof them held on their former way, till banifhment or other violence hindred them. Melancthon and the others that thought the things.commanded not utterly unlawful,con- formed only to prevent the utter defolation of the Churches but not in con(cionable obedi- ence to the EmperoursEdia, as if it had been any Schifa todo otherwife if they could have been. endured : As may be Peen in Melandhon's own words in his Epiífles, and elfewhere. 8. The molt ofProteftants at this day hold, that it is no Schifm to keep up Churches oftheir lcveral Parties, againff their Princes will and prohibition. Thole called Arminians in Belgia fo thinks Epifcopigs writeth at large, that if Minifters be forbid to Preach, and People to Affemble (in their cafe) they muff go on,though they fuffer death for it (raving that prudence may direct them fometime to avoid a prevent ftorm.) The Churches under the Duke ofBran- denbtargh are generally contrary to his judgment in Religion :. And fhould the Princes ofSaxony, Brunfvick, HafJîa,&c. or the Kings ofSweden, or Denmark turn Calvinifl"s, their Clergy would be far from thinking it their duty to ceafe their Af- femblies of the Lutheran Profeffion and Worfhip. Bifhop Andrews is fo far from tying all Minifters to the Kings will, that he faith [ ce hibeat Regem Thaw us, fi cum indignus fit tdque ?clam confteta accçd4t tarnen Sacramentoto. 3