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Ch.28. C6rifïsrefurré ion. St. Matthew. Chrisrf app.earance.Ch.28. 8: And they departed quickly from 17 N. The the Evangelifts fay nomore of the fepulchre, with fear and great Chrift's meeting diem on this mountain, and what he there faid to diem ; and Luke and joy, and did run to bring his difci- ;hat fay nothing ofh,and there teem a Orange pies word. difference in their Narratives of Chrit'.'s ap- 8. N. Women muff be thehilt preachers of pearances, it is but one fàying what another Chrift's refiureffion to his Apoftles. had omitted ; and no one of them laying all 9. And as they went to tell his (ofwhich after on "Jrbn as,and r.) dilciples, behold, Jefus met them, 18. And Jefus came and fpake raying, All hail. And they came unto them, faying, All power is gl- and held him by the feet, and wor- ven unto me in heaven.and in earth. (hipped him. 19. Go ye therefore and teach all 9. N. It was poor women that had been fin- Nations, baptizing them in the name hers, that Christ honoured with his firft ap- of the Father, and of the Son, and pearance. of the holy Ghoff. Io. Then faid Jefus unto them, is. After thefe and other appearings to. Be not afraid : go tell. my brethren, them, Jefus (rid, As I have died to red:cm Elto that they go intoGalilee, and there World, in order to the ends of in underta shall they fee me. king, the Father Rah given me àn Univerfai ro. N. t. He would not fltew himfelf fn o. Prepriety and Governing Power by the right of penly to the malicious forCiken people at yens- Redemption, as chief Admintfjrator under him fa!em. 2. His dilciples and kinhnen are called in Heaven and Earth. So that henceforth ail the concernsof men his Brethren. 3. No one Evangelit mencio- in this World and the o- ned the whole of this Hiftory ; but whit one ther, are at my difpofe ; and all men under my omit; eth, another bath (ofwhich after.) Government by Right and Obligation, By which Authority I now commiflìon you, to go I I. Now when they were going, abroad in the World, ánd make all Nations behold fome of the watch came in- (to the utmolb of your power) my Difiples; to the city, and (hewed unto the taking them into my Church by Solemn Co- chief prieíls alI the things that were venam, celebrated by Baptizing them, into the name ofthe Father, Son and Holy Gh-olt. done. . 12. And when they were N. r chr;ft's Right of Dominion and Em- af embied with the elders, and had pire is founded in the Father's Covenant with taken counf1, they gave large apio- him as Redeemer. 2. And being `Uaiuerfai Lord, ney antes the fouldiers, ; 3. Saying Redemption is fo far tsniur=fl, as to prove theft and other common c!tias. Rant. 14. 9. Say yd, His dilciples came by night, To this end Christ died, rote, and revived, and fiole him away while we flept. that he might be Lord both of the dead and 14. And if this come to the go- of the living_ vernour's ear, we will perfwace 2. The word tranflated Teach, fignifierü CDT ¡pie to me7 or [niche Nations my Difst hitn and fecure you. - to N. What will convince hardened, for- Píes) faker men. 3 All Chrißians faoell endeavour to make Cha3iantty the t: tæ1 Religion , that the 15. So they took the money, and Ktngdonis of the t dd may become the did as they were taught : and efts Kingdoms of the L .d, and of his Oita ; faying is commonly reported among that is, that they be EQirßian Kingdom.) and the Jews until this day. s not only Chriltisns gathered out of Kingdoms. r. N r. Lying is the Devil's great mean 4. This maketh nor all to be Chriftians againft Faith ; and the love ofmoney is the who are in thole Kingd ms, but only Cuch means that fubferveth it. 2. They that will are difcipled. trot believe the truth, calmly believe deceiving S Infants being párts of ail Kingdoms, this lies. Text commandeth teDifciple and Baptize them, theyare made Difeiples, by being juilly deli- , 16. Then theeleven dilciples went rated to Çhrift, by thole that have true power away Into Galilee, into a mountain, to difpo(e of them, to learn of his and o. Where Jefus had appointed them. bey him as they grow up and are capable. 17. And when they tofu him, they As Chttft was relatively, Head of the Church, in his Infancy, when his humane nature was ctiotfkipped him : but tome doubt- uncapable of the aecual adminiftration; lò are e . lrfants capable of being Difciphs by Covenant G 3. Dedica-