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Ch. 27. Chas crucified. S. Matthew. His burial Ch. 27, Fearing ofthemwas after. It is net the Souls chre be made f;re until the third day, Saints that flept, but thole bodies that roté. r y' a Ibisconvincel net the hardene Ye ,e lert his maclples come by night, and 54. Nowwhen the centurion, and (teal hi7aaway, and fay unto the they that were with him, watching People, He 1is rifen from the dead; Jefirs, Paw the earthquake, and thofe fo the fa:r errour {hall be wofe things which were done, they fear them the u rhve6 watch, fa=o agar - ed greatly, Paying, Truly this was go you Son of God. way, make it as lure as you can. 54. Note, TheHeathen Soldiers were not fo 66. So they went and made the í e- obdurate as the hypocrite Friths and Rulers pulchre faire, fealing the Bone, and and their followers. Petting a watch. 55. And many women were 6e, tee. Note, God permitted and overruled there (beholding afar off) which fol- theft malignant Gdpicion, to prevent all fuch lowedJefits from Galilee, miniftring calumnies and objebtiuns against our faith, e- unto him. 56. Among which was vet after. Mary Magdelene, and Mary the mother of James and Jofes, and the C H A P. XXVIII. mother of Zebedee's children. 55,56. Note, Thefe women {tuck clolar to tIN the end of the fabbath, as it Chrífl: than his twelve chief dilìiples did. began to dawn towards the firft 57. When the even wascotne,there day of the week, came Mary Mag- came a rich man of Arimathea, na- dalene; and the other Mary, to fee med Jofeph, who allo himfelf was the fepulchre. jebes dilciple : 53. He went to Pi- r. Note, They came in love with fpiees to late, and begged the body ofjefus : have embalmed his body. then Pilate commanded the body 2. And behold, there was a great to be delivered, earthquake ; for the angel of the 57, s s. Note, Chrift's death endeth not 7,. Lord defcended from heaven, and feph's love. a. Pilate was lets malignant than came and rolled back the Icone from theYears, the door and fat upon it. 3. His 59 And when Jofeph had taken the countenance was like lightning, and body, he wrapped it in a clean linen his raiment white as {now. 4. And cloth, 6o. And laid it in his own for fear of him the keepers did fhake, new tomb which he had hewed out and became as dead men, in the rock: and he rolled a great a. &c Note, t. Well might ,Atraham fay {tone to the door of the fepul- ifene tore from the dead, they will not be ehre, atad departed. perfwaded, when all this would not convince 59, 6o. M wal might he lend him a grave, ard men. o bIf an the el bezfo dreadful, sahat whowould five him from the grave by a re. furretaon. 5. And an angel anfwered and 61. And there was Mary Mag laid unto the women, Fear not ye: dalene, and the other Mary, fitting for I know that ye leek Jelin which over againfc the fepulchre. was crucified. 6. He is not here : Sr. Note, To follow him in love as far as for he is tifen, as he laid : come fee they were able. the glace where the Lord lay. y. 6e. Now the next day that. fol- And go quickly, and tell his difci- lowed the day of the preparation, pies that he is rifen from the dead ; the chief priefcsand pharifees came and behold he goeth before you into together unto Pilate, 63. Saying, Galilee, there 1ha11 ye fee him, lo, I Sir, we remember that that deceiver have told you. laid while he was yet alive, After s. N. Angels were the Preachers of Chri4's three days I will rife again. 64. birth to Sh:pherda, and they ore the fiat Command therefore that the fepul- preachers of his Refutretaien tolVomen s. . And,