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The Gofpel according to St. M A RK. Note, t. That this is thefame Mark aZainft whom, as not fit to be taken with them, St. Paul fharply contended with Barnabas, even to parting afunder. But it was not as charging him with any crime, but as unfit to be takenwith them in fo long and hard a work, which he before deferted. 2. It ú/aid by force to be a Tradition, that Mark wrote thù from the Mouth of Peter ; but that ú uncertain. .3. It ú queflioned, feting it ú only the eleven Apoftles to whom Chrift promi- fed the eminent help of the Spirit to bring all his Daftrine to their remembrance, and lead them into all Truth ; How can we befure that Mark and Luke who were no Apofiles, and had not this Pro- :wife, did never niiftake in their writing the Gofpel ? AnCw. Tho' Chrift promifed not Infallibility to all Preachers then, he premifed mad gave the Eminent Miraculous gifts of the Spirit to others, as well as to the Apofiles, as appeared in Stephen, Philip, and others. And this fpirit was to fit themfor the work to which they were called, which his them attef ed. 2. And the Apofiles that then lived, approved thefe writings of Mark and Luke, andfo did the Churches where the gifts of the Spirit did then mofe abound ; who alto delivered them down to us. Whether this Mark was Bilhop of Alexandria; or only a tranfient Evan.. gelift there a while, is an Hifiorical Controverfie of no great moment, When Antioch had at once fo manygreat Apoftles, Prophets, and Teachers, and no one of them then a Rifhop torule the reft ao their Paftor, we may well conjeFture that the cafe of Alexandria didnot much differ from that of Antioch and Jert falem, (where neither James nor any one as Governourof the Apofiles.) The Header mull not expeFt that I repeat at large the Parapbrefes or Notes which are written on Matthew, when the fame Iliffory and words are by Mark repeated. C H A P. I. He beginning of the gof- pel of Jefus Chrift, the Son of God, 2. As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I fend my meffenger before thy face,' which Mall prepare thy way be- fore thee. 3. The voice ofone cry- ing in the wildernefs, Prepare ye the way of the Lord , make his paths ftraight. a, err. The publick entrant_ ofChrift on his Miniflry, and preaching the glad tidings ofSalvation, was by the preparationof yelp;s Miniftry, preaching Repentance, to fit Men for the Kingdomof the Melab at hand; which the Prophets had foretold. N.te, Whether by the Prophets be here meant Efay and Malodrz ; or only Efy, is a Contro- verlieoffmall moment. 4. John did baptize in the wilder+ nefs, and preach the baptifm of re- pentance for the remifíion offins. q. 7hn told the Yews, that the ¿sfe sala way now come, gladbrought Pardon andSalvati- G4 en