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Ch. a. ohn St. Mark. baptizeth. Ch. r rntoall that received him r and therefore per ved Son in whom I am well pleaf- fwaded them all to repent. that thee might ed, be pardoned, and fit Members of his King- . t I. N. God from Heaven preached the Ga... dom s a nd baptized thole that pro&Rrd this. pd at Christ's 5. And there went out unto trim rz. And immediately the fpirit all the land of Judea, and they of drivethhim into the wildernels. r 3. Jerulalem, and were all baptized of And he was there in the wildernefs hint in the river of Jordan, confei fourty days tempted of Satan, and ling-their tins. was with the wild beafls, and the 5. The generalityof the people (longing for angels miriiitredonto him. the promifrd Megi,tb) were gPd of this News, that he was come, and throngd to john, con xa,'r3. N. r. To conquer Temptations, is fed og their Sins, and profaning Kepentance, to conquer Satan. a. Angels brought him and were trptized by him. meat at the end of the Loony days. G. And John was clothed with 14; Now after thatJohn was put camel's hair, and with a girdle of a in prifon,_Jefus cane into Galilee, skin about his loyns : and he did eat preaching the gape! of the King loenIls and wild bony : dom of God. 4. N. This kind of Eremitical life, and 14. That the Kingdom of God was tom, Ab(li sence, is overvalued by them, who place tng Meth, or perfection in it ; and is unjuitly 15. And flying, The time is £ul- vilified by fine, who know not ofhow great filled, and the kindotn of God is at ule is is to lome Persons, to withdraw from hand : repent ye and believe the worldly Vanities and Temptations. gofpel. 7. And preached, laying, There 15. The promifed timeof the Mellieh's ap- cometh one mightier than I after pealing is come : Repent, and believe the me, the latches of whole films I am glad tidings. not worthy to 'loop down and un- 16. Now as he walked by the fea fool& of Galilee, he law Simon, and An- 7. N. Car and his Servants are patterns drew his brother, calling a net into of Humility : But Satan and Ms Servants are the fea : (for theywere fifhers.) 17. known by pride. And Jelus laid unto them, Come or 8. I indeed have baptized you after toe, and I will make you to with water : but he fnall baptize you become fifhers of men. 18. And with the holy G "1o$ fraighitway they forfook their nets, x. My Baptifin Both bet prepare you ; but his Stall pour out the Spirit mt the baptized. and wed ltim. 9. And it came to- pals in thole ró, &e. See on yams 1. qo. and mart. days that Jelus came from Nazareth 4''r9 And when he had gone a lit- of Galilee, and was baptized efJohn the further thence, he few James the in Jordan. fon of Zebedee, and John his bro- 9. N. kc. Did aria: prof.:fs Repentance ther who allo were in the !hip , for the RemitTon ofSins? ifnot, how was he capable ofjohns,Bapti(it:? .Anfw. He was not mending their nets. ao. And baptized to the fame ales as other men, betas fraightway he called them : and owing john's Baptilin, and the coming of the they left their father Zebedee in Kingdom of God. As a General will wear the fhip with the hired fervants, and the tame colours with his Soldiers, though went after him. theirs fìgnifie fubje&ion to him. 19, 2o. N. He fpake to their hearts. 10. And fìraightway coming up cr. And they went into Caper- out ofthe water, he law the heavens naum, and flraightway on the fah- opened, and the Spirit like- a dove bath-day he entred into the lynaz ilefcending upon liirn. gogue, and taught. cc. And they io. See on .Matt. s. were aftonifhed at hisdoh`irine : for r r. And there came a voice from he taught them as one that had au- heaven, fling, Thou art my bolo- thority, and not as the fcribes. 2,, a21-le