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Ch, 2- Palfte cured. St. places : and they came to him from every quarter. 43. Publication raifed Envy, and muted Chrift to withdraw into the W ildernefs : what wonder if our Hearers indifcretion hurt us? Mark. Publicansfeaffed with. Ch, 2. hath power on earth to forgive fins: (he faith to the lick of the pallie) 1r. I lay unto thee, Arife, and take up thy bed, and go thy way into thine houle, 12 . And immediately he arofe, took up the bed, and went forth before them all, info- much that they were all amazed, and glorified God, Paying; we never faw it on this falhion. 8, &e. Isit not all one to forgive the Sin, and to forgive the punilhment. We never law fuch Works before. i 3. And he went forth again by the fea-fide, and all the multitude refortedunto him, and he taught them. t3 N. In Field-Meetings, HoufeMeetings, Mountain - Meetings , Ship-meetings , Syna- gogue- Meetings, and 'Temple-Meetings, he taught the People, and preachedthe Golpel. 34,. And as he paffed by, he law Levi the (on ofAlpheus fitting at the receit ofcuftom, and faidunto him, Follow me. And he arofe and fol- lowed him. 14. N. He called Publicans. 15. And it came to pafs, that as Jefus fat at meat in his houfe, many publicans" and finners fat alfo toge- ther with Jefus and, his difciples : for there were many, and they fol- lowed, him, r6. And when the fcribes and Pharifees faw him eat with publicans and inners they laid untohis difciples, How is it that he eateth and drinketh with publi- cans and linnets. 17. WhenJefus heard it, he faith unto them, They thit are whole haveno need of the phyfician, but they that are Fick : I came not to call the righteous, but finners to re- pentance. C H A P. II. 2. Nd again he entred into Ca- I I pernaum , after fame days, and it was noifed that he was in the houfe. a. And ílraightway many were gathered together , infomuch that there was no room to receive them, no not fo much as about the door : and he preached the word unto them. 1, z. He preached to them that were with- in the houfe, andwithout the door, not fear-. ing thereproach ofa Conventicle. 3. And they come unto him bringing one fick of the p-aalfre, which was born offour. ç. And when they could not come nigh unto him for preis, they uncovered the roof where he was : and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the lick of the pallie lay. g. WhenJefus law their faith, be laid untothe lick of the palfie,Son, thy fins be forgiven thee. s. TheSin forwhich thouart thus a9iaed, is forgiven thee. 6. But there were certain of the fcribes fitting there, and reafoning in theirhearts, 7. Why doth this titan thus fpeak blafphemies? who can forgive lins but God only ? 7. None, but God, can forgive any wrong done to God. But r. Chellt was God. 2. A Misifter of God may declare God's forgive- nnfs. 8. And immediately, when Jefus perceived in his fpirit that they fo reaConedwithin ,themfelves, he laid Why them, reafon ye thefe things in your hearts ? 9. Whe- ther is it eafier to fay to the lick' of the pallie , Thy fins be forgiven thee : or to fay, Arife, and take up thy bed and walk ? ro. But that re may know that the Son of man rç, (c, N. T. The Hypocrite rlarifees will be more ítridi and holy than Chrift, if fe- patating frgtn others, and aggravating other mens fins, and ¡unifying themfèlves be Holi- nefs. a. I came to be a Saviour to Sinners, by calling thesis to repentance, that they may be converted andforgiven. If you are no fin- pees, I am no Saviour for you. 18. And the difciples ofJohn, and of the pharifees ufed to £af ; and they.