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Ch.2. Lawfulfabbath-work. St. Mark. Mirttclei done. Ch. 3. they come and fay unto him, Why do the difciples of John, and of the Pharifees fail, but thy difciples fall not ? 19. And Jefus laid unto them, Can the 'childrenof the bride- chamber fall while the bridegroom is with rhern ? as long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot faft. 20. But the days will come , when the bridgroom fhall be taken away from them , and then íhail they fall in thofe days. is. Why do you think you merit by your falling ? Which is to be ufed only in its fea- fon. You ufe not to fait, but fealt at your Marriages; my prefence is more joyful to them, than a Marriagefeaft ; when I an a- fcended, and they are expofed to the (cornand perfecution of men, they shall fait. Humili- ation will be more fuitable to their outward flare, tho they inwardly rejoyce. 21. No man alfo feweth a piece ofnew cloth on an old garment : elfe the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old , and the rent is made worfe. 22. And 25. &c. Do you nor know that Precepts of Rites and Ceremonies, give place to Needful,. and Precepts of Charity, and Elf -prefervation? And that David's instance prweth this in the days of ..tbiarhar, a little before hewas High- Prieft,even in his father tbimelech's Priefthood, he and his company did eat the hallowedbread, without which neceiiry had not been lawful. 27. And he laid unto them, The fabbath.was made for man, and not man for the fabbath : 28. Therefore the Son ofman is Lord allo of the fabbath. 27, 28. The Sabbath is appointed to be a means of the good of Man, and not man a means ofit : And no means is to be ufed a- gainff its end, but for it; even the good of Man. And therefore, I that come to fettle the LawsofGrace, as conducing to the reco- very and good of man, have power of dif- penfation or alteration of the Sabbath; as 'hall tend to the ends of mans good and Salva- tion. CHAP. III. I. Nd he entred again into the no man putteth new wine into old fynagogue, and there was á bottles, elfe the new wine doth bunt man there which had a withered the bottles, and the wine is filled hand. 2. And they watched him, the bottles will be marred : but whether (y would they him on the ac- new wine mull be put into new fabbath-day him. , that might - bottles. cufe him. r, 2. N. Malignity is not reftrained by at, 22, They are not yet fit for Aufterities. Miradles. 33. And it came to pats that he 3. And he faithunto the man went through the corn-fields on the which had the withered hand, fabbath-day, and his difciples began Stand forth. 4. And he faith un- as they went, to pluck the ears to them, Is it lawful to do good of corn. 24. And the Pharifees on the fabbath-days, or to do evil? faid unto him, Behold, why do to., fave life, or to kill? but they they on the fabbath-day that which held their peace: is not lawful ? 3, 4. Do you, ceremonious murderers, that 23, 24. Ceremonious Hypocrites will be lay wait for my life nòw, keep the fabbath? íìi(1 ftriûer than Chrift in the Ceremonious and do I break it by Paving mens lives ? part, while they violate Morals. 5. And when he had looked 25. And he faid unto them, round about on them with anger, Have ye never read what David being grieved for the hardnefs of did, when he had need, and was their hearts ; he faith 'unto the an hungred, he, and they that were man,.; Stretch forth thine hand. with him ? 26. How he went into And he '}retched it out : and his the houle of God in the days of hand was reilored whole as the Abiathar the high price, and did other. eat the Phew-bread, which is not 5. x. t. Anger and grief for mens fin; lawful to eat, but for the priefls, were juftified by Chrift's example. a. A and gave alto to them which were hard heartcan fin againft_MiraclesandMerely. with him ? 6. And