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Ch. 8. Four thoufandfed. St. before the people. 7. And they had a few fmall fifhes : and he bleffed, and commanded to Pet them alto before them. 8. So they did eat, and were filled: and they took up of the broken meat that was left, (even baskets. 9. And they that had eaten were about four thoufand ; and he feat them away. N. it's like their Loaves then were but like our Cakes, by the cuftomof breaking them. ro. And ftraightway he entred into a fhip with his difciples, and .came into the parts of Dalmanutha. r r. And the Pharifees came forth, and began to queftion with him, feeking of him a fign from heaven, tempting him. ro, t t. They would try whether he were the Son ofGod ,.by a fignfiiom Heaven oftheir own choofing. r 2. And he fighed deeply in his fpirit, and faith, Why doth this ge- neration feek after a fign ? verily, I fay unto you, There fhall no fign be given to this generation. an. Hedeeply groaned in grief for their Obduratenefs, and fail, Have not this kind ofMen had figns enough to convince them ? Muftthey further chufewhat miracles they (hall have? Verily no fuch deftre of thefe perverfe Men,fhall be fatisfed (the miracle of my Re- filtration they (hall have.) 13. And he left them, and en- tring into the fhip again, departed td the other fide, 14. Now the dzfciples had forgotten to take bread, neither had they in the fhip with them more than one loaf. 15. And he charged them, faying, Take heed, beware ofthe leaven of the Phari- fees, and ofthe leavenofHerod. . . t s. The dangerous Enemies of the Gofpel are the ceremonious Pharifees, and King Herod a. jealous Roman Governour. Take fpecial heed that neither the Pharifees feduce you by their Deceits, nor the King and his Officers af- fright you from the Faith bÿtheir cruelty. 16. And they reafoned among themfelves , faying , It is becaufe we have no bread. 17, And when Jefus knew it, he faith unto them, Why reafon ye becaufe ye have no bread ? perçeivç ye not yeti nei* Mark. The blind cured. Ch. 8. ther iinderfland ? have ye your heart yet hardened ? 18. Having eyes, fee ye not ? and having ears hear ye not ? and do ye not re- member ? e9. When I brake the five loaves among five thoufand, how many baskets full of frag- ments took ye up ? They fay unto him, Twelve. 20. And when the feven amongfour thoufand, how ma- ny baskets full of fragments took ye ye up ? And they faid, Seven. 2r. And he faid unto them, How is it that ye do not underftand ? t 8. N. It is a great Sin to have a power of underftanding and confidering, and not to ufe it. 2. And a great Sin quickly to forget Mi- racles, or marvellous Providences, and to fall into new diftrultful reafoning in our next wants. 22. And he cometh to Bethfaida, and they bring a blind man unto him, and befought him to touch him. 23. And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the Town ; and when he had fait on his eyes, and put his, hands upon him, he asked him if hefaw ought? 24. And he looked up, and faid , I fee men as trees, walking. 24, Cie. Idifcern not Men from Trees by their Shape; but fiippofe them Men, becaufe they walk. 2g. After that, he put his hands again upon his eyes, and made hint look up : and he was reflored, and fawevery man clearly. 26. Andhe fent himaway to his houfe, Paying, Neither go into the town, nor tell is to any in the town. 2 s, ad. To avoid Oftentation andEnvy; 27. AndJefus went out, and his difciples, into the Towns of Cefarea Phillippi : and by the way he asked. his difciples, laying unto them. Whom do men fay that I am ? 27. Notbut thathe knew : but his Qsefti- on was to occafron their Confeffion. 28. And they anfwered, John the Baptift : butforce fay, Elias; and o- thers oneof. the prophets. 29. And be faith unto them, But whom fay 14 Yi