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Ch.8. The worth ofSouls. St Mark. Chrifl's transfiguration. Ch.9. ye that I am ? And Peter anfwereth nya mans fell, is to forfake his Life rather than and faith unto him, Thou art the forfake Chriß : As to deny thrill, was to for- Chrül. 30. And he charged them hike him to Save Life or any thing elfe. He that will fave his Life by denying Chrift, Shall tilat they ¡hould tell no elan of sole it and his Salvation : And he that denieth him. his Life for Christ and the Hope of Salvation 29. Men were to difcern who he was by Shall fave it for ever. his Works. And he would not have it corn- 36. For what fhall it profit a man, mostly proclaimed, till his Refurreihion and if he Shall gain the whole world, Spirit had completed those Works and Evi- and lofe his own foul ? 37. Or dences by which it was to beproved. 31. And hebegan to teach them, that the Son of man muff fuller many things, and be rejeaed of the elders and of the chief priefls, and Scribes, and be killed , and after three days rife again. 31. And he fpake that :laying openly. And Peter took him, and began to re- buke biln. 33. But when he had turned about, and lookedon his di- fciples, he rebuked Peter , faying, Get thee behind me , Satan : for thou favoureft not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. N. t. Chritt made them know that he designed not a Worldly Kingdom, when he tells them of his Death and ReforreEtion. 2. Peter in his fießlywifdom thought aril{ was not fo-wife as he. Nowon4er ifNovices now think themfelves wifer than their wifeftTeach- ers : And fpecially, if Such are censuredas im- prudent for not avoiding Suffering. 3. Even a Peter by filch carnal wisdom enaylò far ferve Satan, as to deserve ibSharp a rebuke as to be called aSatan. 4. Savouring the things of Caen and Flesh, more thanof God, is the great Sin that we are all in danger of, and deserve k Sharp Rebuke. 34 And when he had called the people unto him with his difciples 1. A Nd he Paid unto them, Ve- allo, he Paid unto them, Whofoever ríly I fay unto you, that will come after me, let him deny there be come of them that (land himfelf, and take up his crois, and here, which (hall not taf'ee of death, follow me. 35. For whofoever will till they 'have feen the kingdom of fave his life fhall lofe it ; but who- God come with power. (never (hall lofe his life for my fake i. Till they fee a glimpfe of that glorious and the gofpel's, the fame ¡hall fave appearance of the King of the arch, in which he shall come at salt. what (hall a man give in exchange for his Soul. 26. How poor a price is all the Profit and Pleafureof this life, to hire a man by fin to lofe his Salvation-b or what can make up that man's toss ? N. And will Pride, Revenge, Gluttony, Drunkennefs, or Fornication then make him a Saver, that lofeth his Soul by them ? or will Preferment , Lordfhip, and Pomp, and Power recompence him? 38. Whofoever therefore (hall be afhamed of me, and of my words in this adulterous and finful gene- ration, of him alto (hall the Son of man be afhamed when he cometh in the glory of his Father, with the holy angels 38. If menbe fo far afhamed of a crucifi- ed, a fcorned, and perfecrted Christ, as to de- ny Him, to efcape Shame or Suffering : a glorified Christ in Judgment before Angels and Men will difown them, and fay, I q:ono you not. It is not a Popedom, or aCardinal- nor a Lordfhip, that nominal Christiana are ashamed.of, but it is poor perfecuted Chtiftianicy, CHAP. IX. at. 24. This cafe of Peter occafroned Christ to cast off all his Difciplesfrom Worldly Expeaa- tions, and to tell them what they muft toast to ; and that they areno Disciples for Him, if they cannot truE Him with their Lives, and if they believe not that, they'll:all gainmore by Him than their Lives areworth, N. To de- a. And after fix days Jefus ta. keth with him Peter, and James, andJohn, and leadeth them up into an high mountain apart by them - felves : and he was tranfigured be- fore them. 3. And his raiment became