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row Ch. io. OfMarriage. St. Mark. Children received. Ch. him, Is it lawful for a man to put Magiftrate; or if unjuftlyi forbidden. And away his wife ? tempting him. 3. the Woman may be an injured Contraétor, And he anfwered and Paid unto as well as the Man, and may feek to the Magiftratefora Divorce ;and in fome cafes, them, What did Mofes command if denied by the Magiftrate, may right her you ? 4. And theyfaid, Mofes fuf- felfby Defection. But whether chat Defection fered to write a bill ofdivorcement, tha11 be called, ,Aputting away, is but a Con. troverfie about the Name, and not the Thing. and to put her away. I. N. Theft Hypocrites feemed by pottin In what cafes it is lawful to marry again, isa cafés ofConfcience, to be afraid ofSinning. g different Controverfie. 5. And Jefus anfwered and faid 13 And they brought young unto them , For the hardnefs of children to him , that he Should your heart, he wrote you this pre- touch t thofe that h Urou g chiles re. kept. 6. But from the beginning of But when Jefus w it, was the creation, God made them male ñch difpleafed, and fafaid unto them, and female. 7. this caufe fltall a man leave his father and mother, Suffer the little children to come and cleave to his wife ; 8. And unto me. and forbid them not : for they twain £hall be one : flefh : fo offuch is the kingdomof God. r3, 14. h. Though they brought them not then they are no more twain, but to be baptized, (Chriftian Bapti(tn being not one flefh. 9. What therefore God fully inftituted till after Chriß'y Refurreóti- path joined together, let not man on) yet they are offered to Chrift for his ac- put afunder. ceptance and benedidtion. 2. He gave them S. This Lawwas good in it felf, becaufe it fuch acceptance and bleffmg, and declared was fitted to your condition : But it was the them to be fuch, as the Kingdom(or Church) badnefs, and hardnefs of your Hearts, that of God confifteth of. He could not mean made fuch a toleration needful to you tokeep only Cof adult Perlons that are like thefe In- you fromworfe ; fo it wasnot a full approba- fanta in the Kingdomof God :1 elfe he might tion ofthe thing : For the perfeót Law of In. have taken up a Lamb or a Dove, and bief- nocency fo united Man and Wife, that no fed them, and faid, (of filch harmlefsCrea. Man fhould feparate them, for his own plea- turea is the Kingdom of God.] But he muff fare, without God's licence. mean Cof themandfachas them,] or of fuch both in age, and alto in humble, teachable recep- I o. And in the houfe his difciples tivity, is the kingdom of God : Elfe there asked him again of the fame matter, would be no reafon to bids them. Which 1 i. And he faith unto them, Who- can be nothing lower than acceptance as foever (hall put away his wife, and fible- Infant.Chutch-Members. 2. He that in all ages from the beginning marry another, committetlt adulte- took Infants to be Infant-Members of hi; ry again(t her. 1 2. And if a wo- Church, and came not to deftroy, but to en- man (hall put away her husband, large mercies to the faithful and their feed, and be married to another, (he corn- and faith, They sere holy; and was much dif. mitteth adülter pleafed with his erroneous Apoftles for for. u y. bidding them to be brought to his benediEhi- to, &c. N. Though Mari mention not the on ; fare will not be well pleafed with thofe exception of the cale of ,Adultery, mentioned that now forbid them to be dedicated in the by otherEvangelifts, it is implied. Baptifinai Covenant to him. But yet if any. i. 919äf. Doth . Aduáery diffolveMarriage ? man will fay, I denynot theIntereft of the In- ir giveth castle of a diffolution, by di- fonts of the faithful in the Church and Cove- vdree, or defection: But in Come cafes, it is nont, but only think that Baptifn was ap- lawful for the injured Perlon to forgive the pointed only for the folemn reception of the wrong, and continue in the Relation, without adult, and fo will be baptized at age, after (or being Married over again. without) Infant Baptilm, meetly to fail& 2. weft, May the woman put away her Confcience, and then live in love and peace Husband for,a:ldtery? ,Arfw. They that de- with thofe of another mind, I fhould gladly ny ir, becaufe only the Man bath Governing live in Love and Peace with fuch. Power, fay nothing : For the Man doth it 15. Verily I.fay unto you, Who- not as a Governour, but as an injured con- foever (hall not receive the kingdom tractor, reeked) it as Juftice from the Magi- ftrate ; or righteth himalf, if permitted by the of God AS a little child, he (hall not enter