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to him, Mafier all theft have I ob- enter into the kingdom ofGod. fervid from my youth. 24. So had is the heart of man, that it is excredicg hard to have riches: and not ro place Ch. ro. How to be Java. St.Mark. Riche' hinderfalvation.Ch. io; enter therein. 16. And lie took 2o. N. He meant that he had not direaly them up in his arms, put his hands in the outward a& broken any of chefs i hot upon them, and'bleffed them. knowing howfar the Law reacheth. N I. Thefe words plainly intimate that 2I. Then Jefus beholding him, heaceeived them as capable of the Kingdom loved him, and Paid untohim, One of God, that is the Church on Earth, and in thing thou fackefe : go thy way, Chrift Both not thus blefs unbelievers Y Y, and their feed, but thofe that I Cor. 7. 14. fell whatfoever thou haft, and give are called Holy. to the poor ; and thou shalt have 17. And when he was gone forth treafure in heaven ; and come take into the way, there came one run- up the trots, and follow me. ning, and kneeled to him, and ask- 21. Jefus beheld him with kindnefs, ap. proving in him what was good. and laid, ed him , Good Mailer, what fhall I do that I may inherit eternal So far thou haft done well : But there is more Y than this neceííàry to obtain everlaffing life, life ? even to prefer it beforeall the wealth and plea. r7. N. it hence appeareth that the Yaws fare of this world, and life it felf : and to (except the Sadduces) then believed an ever- trie theeherein ; Go , and 1h11 all and give lofting life. 2. And that we Mould do what- to the poor, and take Heaven for thy treafure ever God will have us do to attain it. inftead of all, and follow me in felf-denial 18. And Jefus faid unto him, unto faltering. N. Not that all are bound to Why callefl thou me good? there fell all ; borate are bound foto j8refer heaven at . it none good, but one , that is till make them forfake all that Rands again4 God. 22. And líe was fad at that fain 18. Good indeed in the prim away fence is a and went grieved : for hehad high title, none being more proper to God himfelf, and none perfealy and primarily great pOfëffionS. and effentially good, but God : It's a greater 22. Carnal men may be furry that they matter to be good than thou deemelt. cannot bring down God to their terms: Good and bad would be as well as they can 19. Thou knowefl the comb both here and hereafter: But when they fee mandments, Do not commit adul- they cannot have boil:. Earth and Heavees tery , Do not kill Do not Beal the Faithful chute heaven (though fenfible of Do not bear falls witnefs, Defraud earthly fufferings,) and the worldly chafe the world ; andmuff to keep off furrow and de- not , Honour thy father and mo- fpair, do force on themfelves a hope that they ther. !hall have both, and that God will fave theet 19. N. Defraud nor, is the fenfe of the on their own terms. Tenth Commandment, that is, Love thy Neigh- 23. And Jefus looked round a- bour as thy (elf, fo asnot to delire from him bout, and faith unto his difCi leS, any thing to his hurt. Via. e. Why doth s p Chrift mention noneof the Commandments How hardly íhall they that have of the firft Table? snfw. The man is Cup- riches enter into the kingdom of poled to confefs God, and confequently his du- God. ty to him, and to mean in his queftion, What . 23. How hard is it to perlwade rich men good works mutt I do towards others? 2. Why clothnot Chrift recite the Command- to to the è t heaven net than earth, and to yield of meur ,A s in their true order? ,fw. When the conditions itions Salvation. matter alone is intended, the order is not ne- 24. And the difciples were afeo- cef ary. 2. The Evangelilts recite not all nrfhed at his words. But Jeffs an- Chrift's words in the fame order that he (Peke them, as is evident in the difference of their fwereth again, and faith unto them, recitals. Thefevery words are otherwife red- Children ; how hard is it for them ted by Marth. 19.- I i, 19. [Thos !halt do no that truft in riches to enter into the Norther) is firft, loud, Thou malt love shy kingdom of God ! 25. It is caller [e habd ouneas thy [elf, is !aft, and in(tead of for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then for a rich man to 20. And he anfwered and Paid un-