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Ch. z4. The PafJover. Sc. Mark. The Lord's Stìpper. Ch.tq. t he ee ers o their 1 f k C 1 ' own temptation fin and z r The Son ofman 'indeed ao- 5 mifery etll as it is written of' hiim: but r. And when they heard it, woto that man by whom the Son they were glad , and promifed to of man is betrayed : good were it give him money. And he fought for that man if he had never been how he might conveniently betray born. him. 21. Note, r. God's foreknowledge or de- r 1. Note, X. The, wicked are glad to be affr- creek excufe not man's fin. 2. By [Good] is Money in fin. 2. is the bait of wick- meant CAlefeevil.) cdnefs and blood. 3. When the heart once 22. And as they did eat, . Jefus confenteth to fin, men Rudy how to acçom took bread and bleffed, and brake plifh it d ! and f vened bread, when they killed the eat, this is myíbody. paffover, his difciples faid unto him, 22 note, Here it 'is called at once Bread and his Body : Bread Naturally, and ¡eh Cody Where wilt thou that we go and Sacrimentally, that is, Repreféntatively and prepare, that thou mayeft eat the Significantly : For CB] is the Relative, and paffover ? x3. And he fendeth [Bread] is the Antecedent : What did Chrie Take? Bread : What didhe Blefe ?;re:.What did- he Break? Crt.] What is Ctrl' but that be-. fore named Bread ? Yet by fo doing hemade it hisBody. How? As the King maketh a piece of Wax to becomehis Great Seal, by which he conveyeth Land, Liberty andLife: Or a piece of Silver to be Money. 23. And he, tools the cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them. : and they all drank of it. 24. And he faid unto them, This is my blood of the, new teltament, which is flied for many. 23. By the Cup is meant theWine: Note, It is Rrange that Men, who find that Chrift throughout the Gofpel Rill taught by Pocablos or Similitudes,(flying, This is fah a thing,and That isfuch athing as the Seed is the Word, the Field is the World, the Reapers are the r z. And the firif day of unlea- it, an gave to them, aid,. Take forth two of his difciples, and faith unto them, Go ye into the city, and there fhall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water : fol- low him. 14. And wherefoever he shall go in, fay ye DO the good- man of the houle , The Mailer faith, Where is the gueli-chamber, where I (hall eat the paffover with my difciples ? 15. And he will Phew you a large upper room fur- nifhed and prepared : there make ready for us. 16. And his difci- pies went forth, and came into the city, and found as he had faid unto them : and they made ready the paf- foyer. An ds BrcJ fhosld force themftives to be- 16. Note Chril knew what was future and lie that there is no Similitude uCedhere. unfecn, even voluntary at}s, The Lorddeliver his Church from chore who 17. And in the evening he corn- burn men that believe not that Bread is na eth with the twelve., e8. And as Bread, but made Chrifl hirafelf e while them- they fat and did eat , Jefüs laid, Celves believe not that Christ himfelf is Christ indeed, but are Infidels. Verily I fay unto you, One of you zs. Verily I fay unto you, Lwill which eàteth with me all betray drink no more of the fruit of the me. 19. And they began to be vine, until! that day that I. drink it fy one, and to fay unto him one new in the kingdom of God. 26. by Is it I ? and another fold And when theyghat lung anhymn, Is it I ? zo. And he an of and they went ou into the mount of faid unto them, It is one of the Olives. twelve, that dippeth with me in the n .See Matti. 24. it'smore than probable Sr?h that this Hymn wasa form. t9. Note, They feared titer fe?ces and his 27, And Jefus faith unto them, fulpicion, and gioubled at the Sop, All e íhall be offended b cáufe of ftiçk. 2. Chritt's giving fw.tas the is y, e litre tall by, me this night : For it is written I 14 will