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Ch. 14. Chrifi's St. Mark. Agony. Ch. 14. will finite the fhepherd, and the 37. And he cometh and findeth cheep (hall be fcattered. them fleeping, and faith unto Pe- 27. Your Faith' (hall ftagger, and you !hall ter, Simon, fleepeft thou ? couldfl fotfake me, and fly in . fear. not thou watch one hour ? 38. 23. But after that I am rifen, I Watch ye, and pray, left ye enter will go before you into Galilee. into temptation: the fpirit truly is 28. Seeyob. 21. r. z, 3. ready, but the flefh it weak. 37. Haft thou ítrength ro die with me, who canft not watch one hour with me ? Watching and Praying is the means to avoid temptation, and confequentlyfinning and faltering for fin. The Mind and Will, .fanetified by God's fpì. rit, is inclined to duty, but it hath not an ab folate debotical power over the flefhly weaknefs and backwardnefs, but a political only. 39. And again he went away and prayed, and fpake. the fame words. 40. And when he returned , he found them afleep again) for their eyes were heavy) neither wilt they what to anfwer him. 41. And he 3 r. But he fpake the more vehe- cometh the third time, and faith un- mently, If I should die with thee, to them, Sleep on now, and. take I will not deny thee in any wife. your reft it is enough, the hour is Likewife alto faid they all . come ; behold the Son of man is s s. Nere, If the Apoftles fo little know betrayed into the hands of finners. themfelves, what wonder if molt Chriftians 40. They were afhamed. 41. Now I have know not howbad they are. no moreufe for your watchingwith me: Take your own courfe, or reft : My apprehenders areat hand. 42. Rife up, let us go : lo, he that betrayeth me is at hand. 43. And immediately , while he yet fpake , cometh Judas , one of the twelve, and with him a great mul- titude with fwords and Raves, from the chief priefts, and the fcribes, and the elders. 44. And he that betrayed him, had given them a to. ken, faying , Whomfoever I (hall kifs, that fame is he ; take him, and lead him away fafely. 44. And af- foon as he was come , he goeth ftraightway to him, and faith, Ma- fter, matter ; and kiffed him. 44 Note, Thus Satan's fervants that wear Chrift's Livery, both Priefts and Magiftratea, betray Chrift by his own titles,and by pretence ofLove and Honour. 46. And they laid their hands on him, and took him. 47. And one of them that flood by,drew a fword, and (mote a fervant of the high prieft, and cut offhis ear. 47. Note, 29. But Peter faid unto him, Al- though all (hall be, offended, yet will not I. 3o. AndJefus. faith un- him, Verily I fay unto thee, that this day, even in this night before the cock crow twice, thou /halt de- ny me thrice. go. Note, This is not contrary to other E. vangelifts, that fay Ve re the cock crow.3 For a. They mean .[before Cocks crowing time be pant, or before the fecond Cocks crowing ] 2. The Writers fpake the fenfe of Chrilt'a words, and not always the precilèwords them- (elves. 32. And they came to a place which was named Gethfemane : and he faith to his difciples, Sit ye' here while Iihall pray: 33. And he ta- keth with hint Peter, andJames, and John, and began to be fore amazed, and to be very heavy : 34. And faith unto them, My foul is exceed- ing forrowful unto death : tarry ye here, and watch. 3 5. And he went forward a little," and fell on the ground, and prayed, that if it were poflible the hour might pafs from him. 36. And he faid, Abba, Fa- ther, all things are poflìble unto thee, take away this cup fromme: nevertheaefs not what I will, but what thou wilt. 34. Note. It is an error. that Chriff's God- head was inftead of a human Soul : For his Soul was forrowful and fuffered, but fo could not his Godhead. z. His nature in the firft inftanr had afintefs"averfnels to buffering as finch, but his Reafon and Will fubmit to it in the.fecond inftart, becaufe it is according to God's Will, for greater benefit.