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Ch. r, The Angel Gabriel St. Luke: fent to Mary. Ch, r. with God. 31. And behold, thou 38. And the angel departed from fhalt conceive in thy womb, and her. 39. And Mary arofe in thofe bring forth a fon, and fhalt call his days, and went into the hill coun- name Jefus. 32. He fhall be great, trey with hafte, into a city ofJuda, and (hall be called the Son of the 4o. And entred into the houle of Flighefl; and the Lord God fhall Zacharias, and faluted Elifabeth. give unto him the throne of his fa- a8, 39, 40. The Angel's wordsmade her go ther David. fee how it waswith Elizabeth. 29, 30, 34 32. She uncles-flood it nor. 41And it came to pafs, that when That Glorious Kingdom meant in the pro- Elizabeth heard the falutation ofMa- mite toDavid's Seed, ofwhich his Kingdom ry, the babe leaped in her womb was but a type. and Elizabeth was filled with the 33. And he fhalI reign over the holy Gh.f. 42. And íhe fpake our haute ofJacob for ever, and of his with a loud voice, and faid, Bleffed kingdom there fhall be no end. art thou among women, and bleffed 35. His Kingdom over the faithful *alof is the fruit of thy womb. And God, begun hi grace !hall be ever-lifting in Y 43 Glory. whence is this to me, that the mo- 34. Then Paid Mary unto the an- ther ofmy Lord Ihould come to me? gel, How fhall this bc,feeing I know 44. For lo, afíoon as thevoice of thy not a man ? 3y. And the angel an- falutation founded in mine ears, the fwered and faid unto her, The holy babe leaped in my womb Ghofi (hall come upon thee, and the 45. And bleffed is Lite that believed : power ofthe Highefl íhall overfha- for there fhall be a performance of dow thee : therefore alto that holy thofe things which were told her thing which fhall be born of thee, from the Lord. Mall be called the Son of God. 41,42,43, 44, 45. The Holy Ghott filled 34, 3 S. This !hall be done, without Man, her to .!peak out the(e words prophetical- by the Holy Ghof, and the overfbadowing 1Y, Vie power of God, and therefore he (hall be pro. 46. And MaryPaid, My foul doth perly called the Son of God. magnifie the Lord, 47. And my fpi- N. ,. Tho this give no the moll known rea- rit bath rejoyced in God my Saviour. fon, why Chritt is called the Son of God in 48 For he hath regarded the low e- Scripture, -itis not fàid to be the only reafirs , excluding his eternal Generation. 2. Yet flare of his handmaiden : for behold, éhri(t oft calleth himfelf; the Son of Man, from henceforthall generations fhall which fignifethno more, but that he was au- call me bleffed. ly a Man, and born of a Woman. 46, 47, 48. Mary alto filled with the Spirit, 36. And behold thy coufin Eli- (peaks tilde words of ptaife' to God; My fabeth, file hath alto conceived a final, ere. 48. He bath railed me higheft who fon inher old age : and this is the was one of the lowett. fixthmonth with her, who was cal- 49. For he that is mighty bath ledbarren. 37. For with God no- done to me great things, and holy is thing fhall be unpoffible. his name. so. And his mercy is on 36, 37. Note, 1. Though Etizabethwas of them that fear him, from generation the Tribe of .ßaron, and Mary of the Tribe to generation. of Judah, they were a kin by Eliz,abeth's Mo- 49, so. Mercy to allthat fear God and their :her marryinga Levim poferity, is the great name or notification of z. Nothing should teem difficult to faith, the molt HolyGod to man. when it is known to be God's will and word. 51 He bath chewed f rength'with 38. And Mary Paid, Behold the his arm, he bath fcattered theproud handmaid of the Lord, be it unto in the imagination of their hearts. me according to thy word. Let thy word come to- pa,,: 11e hath put down the mighty 3 o...rmeu . ls (They are the expteffion of Marra faith aid from their fears, and exalted than hope,) of low deprv;. z He hash filled the