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Ch. -1, The Angel Gabriel St. Luke. andZacharias Ch. r. thou !halt have joy and gladnefs, not my words, which flu 1] be ful- and many (hall rejoyce at his birth. filled ni their feafon. n, 12,1 y, t 4. He was born to an auftere t 8, 19,20 t am one ofthe many Angels life, and to martyrdom, yet his birth was that Rand before God,. and am Pent to tell thee joyful, though to filch a painful life anddeath, this ; and to reprove thy unbelief; And to for the Churches fervice. convince thee, for a fige, thou !halt be dumb, r5. For he !hall be great in the &c. fight of the Lord, and shall drink 2r. And the people waited for neither wine norftrong drink and Zacharias , and marvelled that he he (hall be filled with the holy tarried fo long in the temple. 22. Ghoft , even from his mother's And when he came out, he could womb. not fpeak unto them r and they pet- it 9. Note, T. The bett men and moft ufeful ceived that he had feen a vifronin the are greateft in God's fight.. u. Extraordinary temple : for he beckeneclUnto them, denying the fleht agreeth well with the ex- and remained fpeechlefs. traordinary gift of the Spirit. 3. Infants 2t, 22. Sanáaary. 22. Some Revela= may have the Holy Ghof, before it appear- tion. eth. 23. And it came to pats, that af-. 16. And many of the children of loon as the days of his miniliration Ifrael fhall he turn to the Lord their accomplifhed, he departed : to God. his own houfe. 16. Note, To turn many by repentance to 23. That Ceremonious fervice might be done God, was the efecî of the Holy Ghoft, and by a dumb man; but fo cannot the Gofpel of johns extraordinary worth and work. Miniltrátion. 19. And he (hall goUefore him in 24. And after thofe days his wife the fpirit and power of Elias, to Elifabethconceived, and hid, her felf turn the hearts of the fathers to the five months, faying, 25. Thus bath children, and the difobedient to the the Lord dealt with me, in thedays à of the juft, to make ready wherein he looked on me, to take people prepared for the Lord. away my reproach among men. 17. He than be pofíéfed with fuck fulnefs ion of-Spirit and Power, to prepare the way for an2d 23. She fayingfT13c Locdes obfefhewed thrift, as Elias had, as is prophelcd inZ44.4. me mercy in taking away my reproach. Hate, By (turning the hearts of the Fathers to a6. And in the firth month the the Ghi drex,] tome think is meant (turning the 7yranuicol- .efpregion of Rulers, to fatherly ¿'w angel Gabriel was fent from God and'lenity to snferioters.J Pat Dr. H. more pro- unto a cityof Galilee, named Naza- bably tranflateth it (with the Children;] That retlr, 27 To a virgin efpoufed to is, he Shall thenFathers and Children, old and a man whole name was .Jofeph, of young: Others fay it is but to turnmens minds to the Loveofone another, and tholethan difo- the houle of David ; and the vir- bey God, to the true wifdojn of juft men, gin's, name war Mary. avidobey'and truth him. 26,,27.. Notmarried, but betrothed. r8. And Zacharias Paid unto the 2ó And theangel came in Unto 'angel; whereby fhall I know this ? her, and 'laid, Hail thou that art high,- for Tarn an old man, and my wife ]y favoured, the Lord is with thee well ttricken in years. rg. And blotted art thou among women. the angel anfwering ftid unto 11ím, 28. Rejoyce, for thou art highly favoured of the Lord, whomakech thee blefedabove I am Gabriel, that Band in the pre- all cgomen. fence of God and am fent to fpeak 29. And when the faw him, floe unto. thee, and to thew thee thefe wastroúbled- at his faying,. and calf glad tidings. 2o. And behold, thou in heroinind .what manner of fain"- (halt be dumb, and not able to fpealr, tation this thould be. 3 a. And until the day that thefe things fhall the angel :fáid unto her; Fear nor, he performed, becaufe thou believefl: Mary : o°rihou haft found favour With