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Ch. 4. Chrifi'c Sermon St. Luke. at Nazareth. Ch. q.. fat down : and the eyes of all them (whereon their city was built) that that were in the fynagogue were they might raft him down head fafined on him. 2r. And he began long. to fay unto them, This day is this 20, 29. Note; They that applauded his fcripture fulfilled in your ears. Preaching when the Applieatian grated on 20, ar. Note; This instance proveth it not them would have killedhim ; even the Na- ' neceffary to fit in Preaching ; but lawful, where -.araeNeighbours that hated him not hereto. cuitòm or circamftances forbid it not. 22. And all bare him witnefs, and wondred at the gracious words whichproceeded out of his mouth. And they laid, Is not this Jofeph's fon. 22. They applauded his preaching, but um dervalued him for being known to be their Neigbbour'a Son. 23. And he faid unto them, Ye will furely fay unto me this pro- verb , Phyfician , heal thy felf whatfoever we have heard done in Capernaum , do alto here in thy countrey. 23. As a Phifician mutt lienheal himfelf, fo do -thou do thy Miracles hete among thy Kindredand Neighbours. 24. And he laid, Verily, I fay unto yoti, No prophet is accepted in his own ceuntrey. 35. And Jefus rebuked him, fay- 24. God can caufe him to be accepted s- a'.6, Hold thy peace, and come out but as he worketh ordinarily by means: fa- miliarity breeds contempt. of him. And when the devil had aç: But I tell you of a truth, Ma- thrown him in the mids, he came ny widows were in Ifrael in the days out of him, and hurt him not. 36. of Elias, when the heaven was haut And they were all amazed, and up three years and fix months, when fpake among themfelves , laying, great famine was throughout all the What a word is this ? for with -land: 26. But unto none of them authority and power he. corn- was Elias fent, fave unto Sarepta, a mandeth the unclean fpirits ," and city of Sidon, unto a woman that they come out. 37. And the fame was a widow. 27. And many le- of him went out into every place pers were in Ifrael in the time, of, of the countrey round about. Elifeus the prophet : and none of 35, 36, 37. Christ fpecially cured the dir. them was cleanfed, laving Nauman cafes, that the Devils caufed, to thew that he came to conquer Satan, and Cave men from his the Syrian. power. 25, 26, 27. Prophetscure not all that are . of out the And he arofe di- eared f y : You Dail not fee Miracles, nor be Caved, for beingmy Neighbours, if you be not Belie. nagogue, and entred into Simon's versa And familiarity and pre'adice maketh houle : and Simon's wives mother fewer of you believe, thanof others. was taken with a great fever ; and 28 . And all they in the fynagogue, they befought him for her. 39 when they heard thefe things, were And he flood over her, and rebuked filled with wrath, 29. And rofe up, the fever, and it left her. And and thrufl him out of the city, and immediately lEe arofe andnainifired led him unto the brow of the hill unto them. 33,39. Note; tore. 3o. But he palling through the mids of them, went his way ; 3 r. And came down to Capernaum, a ci- ty of Galilee, and taught them on the fabbarh-days. 32. And they were afl'onifhed at his doflrine : for his word was with power. 30, 3r, 32. By Miracle, unhurt. 33. And in the fynagogue there was a man which had a fpirit of an unclean devil, and cried out with a loud voice, 34. Saying, Let us a- alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jefus of Nazareth ? art thou come to defiroy us? 1 know thee who thou art ; the holy one of God. 33.34. Chrifl's Power over Devils forced this confeffion.