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Ch. 4: Chrifß tempted St. Luke. by Satan. Ch. 4. thee up, left at any time thou dash thy foot againft a ftone. 12. And CHAP IV. Jefus anfwering, faid unto him, It is laid, Thou (halt not tempt the ANd Jefus being full of the ho_ Lord thy God. 9, ro, 11, 11. Note, Satan cloth to tempt ly Ghofl, returned fromJot- byperverted Scripture, }'et it is by right ex- dan, and was led by the fpirit into pounded Scripture, that he muff be repelled. the wildernefs, 2, Being fourry & How did the Writer, know tìtefe 19. days tempted of the Devil ; and in cret things ? .An/: Chrift told them to his thofe days he did eat nothing: and Disciples (though that be not written.) when they were ended, he afterward ded3allAthe temptation,lheidepartd hungred. 3. And the devil laid un- from him for a feafon. to him, If thou be the fon ofGod, 13. Lake reciteth tham not in the fame or. command this (lone that it be made derwith Matthew, but the fame things. bread. 4. And Jefus anfwered him, Nate, Chri is Victory over the Tempter was laying, It is written, That man (hall part of his laving work, and to prepare for not live bybread alone, but by eve- °pJ4. And Jefus returned in the power of the fpirit into Galilee : and there went out a fame of him through all the region round about. Note s 7hough the Conffitution of Chrif's Perlon was by the Divine Nature of the fecund in the Trinity, yet the Scripture ufually alèti- berh his works to the operation of the Holy Ghoft in him. rç. And he taught in their fyna- gogues, being glorified of all. 16. And he came to Nazareth, where, he had been brought up : and, as his cuflomwas, he went into the fy- nagogue on the fabbath-day, and flood up for to read. ry wordof God. ç.And the devil ta- king him up into an high mountain, chewed unto him all the, kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. 6. And the devil faid unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the gloryof them ; for that is delivered unto me , and to whomfoever 1 will, I give it. 7. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all (hall be thine. 8. And Jefus anfwered and Paid un- to him, Get thee behindme, Satan : for it is written, Thou (halt worihip the Lord thy God, and him onely (halt thou ferve. 1$, 16. hate, Chrift leparated not from the 1, a, 32 4. s. 6, 7, 8. See on Matth. 4.. Yews corrupt Church. strongly infpired by the holy Gholt, was led by him, &v. ry. And there was delivered un- 6'. Though Satan lyed in part, yet he bath to him the book of the prophet great power over the Kingdoms and Glory of Efaias ; and when he had opened the the world, partly as a Tempter; and partly as book, found the place where it God'sExecutioner, hut all under God's abfo- was written. a 8. The fpirit of the lute will: The fuccefslheweth that too many receive them from him, that they may ferve Lord it upon me, becaufe he hath him by them, as Enemies ro the Church of anointed me to preach the gofpel Chriff. to the poor, he hath fent me to heal Note, Blalphemous temptations muff be an- the broken-hearted, to preach deli fwered.with reje&ing hatred. verance to the captives, and reco- 9. And he brought him to jean- vering of fight to the blind, to fer falera, and fet him on a pinacle of at liberty them that are bridled, the temple, and faid unto him, If 19. To preach the acceptable year thou be the Son of God, raft thy of the Lord. felf down from hence. so. For it 17, t?,19. Nate, Hechofe a Text that de. is written, He shall give his angels fcribed his own Office, and applied it. charge over thee, tokeep thee. r r. zo. And he doled the book, and And in theirhands they (hall bear he gave it again to the minister, and fat