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Ch. 8. Chri i'.s St. Luke. miracles. Ch. 8 40. And it came to pats, that daughter is dead; trouble not the when Jefus was returned, the people Matter. 5o. But when Jefus heard gladly received him : for they were it, he anfwered him, laying, Fear all waiting for him. 4r. And be- not : believe onely,. and the thall be 'hold, there came a man named Jai- made whole. 51. And when he' rus, and he was a ruler of the fyna- came into the houle, he fufferedno gogue: and he fell down at Jefus man to go in, lave Peter, and James, feet,and befought him that he would and John, and the father and the come into his houle : 42.. For he mother of the maiden. 52. And had one onely daughter , about all wept and bewailed her : but he twelve years of age, and file lay a faid, Weep not ; file is not dead, but dying. (But as he went, the people peepeth. thronged him.) 49, 50, 5r, 52. Permitting it to come to 40, 41, 42. Bodily Gifts are gladly recei- extremity, magnified the Miracle. ved, and carnally fought. 53. And they la'ughed him to 43. And a woman having an iffue fcorn, knowing that fhe was dead. of blood twelve years, which- had 53. She was dead by the ceffation of na. f'pent all her living upon phyficians, turai life and motion, and not dead, by a re- mote departure of the Souls it being detained neither could be healed of any. 44 ro reftore the futpended life: And to both Came behind him, and touched the Christ and they faid true. borderof his garment í and immedi- 54. And he put them all out, and ately her Are of bloud ftanched. 45. took her by the hand, and called, And Jefus laid, Who touched me? faying, Maid, arife. 55. And her When all denied, Peter, and they fpirit came again and she arofe that were withhim, Paid, Matter, the flraightway : and he commanded to multitude throng thee, and preis give her meat. 56. And her parents thee, and fayelt thou, Who touched were aftonifhed : but he charged me? 46. And Jefus Paid, Some them that they should tell no man body bath touched me : for I per- what was done. ceive that vertue is gone ont ofme. 54,55$ 56. See on iv/Ark 5. 43, 44, 45, 46. Note; Petercarpt at Chrift's words, becaufe he knew not the reafon of them. C H A P. IX. 47. And when the woman law that the was not hid, the came trem- bling, and falling down before him, the declared unto him before all the people, for what caufe the had touch- ed him, and how the was healed im- mediately. 47. She was afraid left he would be angry with her, for ftcalirg a Cure without his con- Cent. 48. And he laidunto her, Daugh- ter be of good comfort :, thy faith bath made thee whole; go in peace.) 48. Note; Faith healeth not efficiently, but as the neceffery moral qualificationof the re- ceiver of a free gift. 49 While he yet fpake,there corn- ett one from the ruler of the fy- nagogue's houfe, laying to him, Thy r.1'Hen he called his twelve di- fciples together , and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure difafes. a. And he fent them to preach the king- dom, of God, and to heal the lick. r, 2. To fave Bodies and Souls. 3. And he Paid unto them, Take nothing for your journey, neither Raves, nor fcrrp, neirher bread, nei- ther money ; neither have two coats apiece. 4. And whatfoever houle ye enter into, thereabide, and thence depart. 5. And whofoever vvill not receive you, vvhen ye go out of that city, thake off the very dull from your feet, for a testimony a- gainft them: 3, 4. s. See