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Ch. 9. The A141 les St. Luke. feat forth. Ch.'9. 3, 4, S. See on Mattb. ro, r o, rr. To wit- neCs that it is not long of your unwillingnefs, but their own, that theyare forfaken and pe- rim. 6. And they departed and went through the towns, preaching the gofpel, and healing every where. ry: NowHerod the tetrarch heard of all that was done by him : and he was perplexed becaufe it was Paid of fome, that John was rifen from the dead. 8. And of fome that Eli- as had appeared : and of others, that one of the old prophets was rifen a- gain. 9. And Herod laid, Johnhave I beheaded : but who is this of whom I hear fuch things ? And lie defired to feehim. 6, 7, 8, 9. Nee; Chrift, that was familiar with the Poor, would not gratifie the delire of the King, a Perfecutor, that desired to fee him. Io. And the apoi{1es when they were returned, told himall that they had done. Andhe took them, and went afide privately into a defert place, belonging to the city called Bethfaida. ro. Nee; Had we the Hiftory of all the Apoftles Miraclesbefore, and after Chrift's Re- fùrreâion, how large it would be a r. And the people when they knew it, followed him: and he re- ceived them, and fpake unto them of the kingdom of God, and hea- led them that hadneed of healing. 1 s. Nee ; Clirif rejcáednone that followed lifter him, with delire and diligent íèeking him. 72. And when they began to wear away, then came the twelve and laid unto him, Send the multi- tude away, that. they may go into the towns and countrey round about, and lodge, and get vi&kuals : for we 'are here ina defert place. r3. But lie Paid unto them, Give ye them to eat. And they Paid, We have no more but five loaves and two fiftes; except we íhould go and buy meat for all this people. r4.. For they were about five thoufandmen. And he Paid to his difciples, Make them fit down by fifties in a company. n5. And they did fo, and made them all fit down. r 2, 11, 14, r s. See Marth. 8. Then they obeyed, expeâingCome Miracle. 16. Then he took the five loaves and the two fillies, and looking up to heaven, he bleffed them , and brake, and gave to the difciples to let before the multitude. r ry. And they did eat, and were'all filled : and there was taken up of frag- ments that remained to them twelve baskets. 16, 17. See on Meth. 14. 12. And it came to pats as he was alone praying, his difciples were with him : and he asked them, fay- ing, Whom fay the people that I am? r9. They anfwering, laid, John the Baptift : but Tome fey, E- lias : and others fay, that one of the old prophets is rifen again. r8, 19. Came to him. See Meuh. 16. 15, 20. 2o. He laid unto them, But whom fay ye that I am ? Peter anfwering, Paid, The Chrift of God. ar. And he ftraightly charged them, and commanded them to tell 'no man that thing. 20, 21. 9, What then was the Gofpet which they were fens to preach, and which he preached? .Anfm. Much like 'Jahn Baptift's' preaching that the kingdom of God is mane; and moreover, that plus did fach and fuch Mi- racles, as he told 7ohn's Difciples; not direr}1y faying, I am the Chrift, but propofng thole Evid;nces from whence they were them (elves to gather it:Becaufe his leefurreetion,&c, was to make the Evidencefull, before the Gof. pcl was fully preached. But what then was the Baptifm he ufed before his Refurree,tian, if men were not to be told, and to profefs that he was the Chrift ? ,Anfn.;, left aníwcrab!e to 'his preaching ; and like 7ohr s Baptifm ; muchdifferent from the following Bapiiim in the name of the Bather, Son and Holy Ghoft. Men were to profefs Repentance and hope of Salvation, by learn- ing ofChrift, and fo lifted themfelves under him as his Difciples ; but not yet to proxfs that He was the Ch"riJt; which after was nece(- fary. 2z. Saying, The Son ofman mull fuller many things; and be reje&ed L 3 of