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Ch. 1o. Seventy Difeiples St. have nefts, but the Son ofmán bath not where to lay his head. 57, 58. I have no entertainment for any, butfelf.denying perlons, that can forfake all for me, 59. And he faid unto another, Followme But he faid, Lord, Puf- fer me firft to go and bury my father. 6o. Jefus laid unto him, Let the .dead bury their dead ; but go thou and preach the kingdom of God. 59, 6o. The work ofmy Gofpcl, and God's' Kingdom, mutt be preferred before the burying of a Father. Note Chrift fined his Anfwer to the difpofr- tienof chofe he fpake to. He knew thatthis man was Crater to be put on, and the former . to be ftopt. 61. And another allo faid, Lord, I will follow thee: but let me firft go bid them farewel which are at home at my houle. 62. And Jefus laid unto him, No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God. 6,, 6n. If thou wilt be my Minifter, thou mutt be like a man ploughing, who looketh Rill before him on the Furrow, and not behind him : The Kingdom of God mat be firft "fought', andall things that would hinder the true fervice of it, muff be put behind, and denied , and forfaken : (sot that it difíol- vgth Relationduties, but puts all behind the works and Intereff of God, and forfaketh that which is againf it.) C H A P. X. i, A Fter thefe things; the Lord appointed other fventy allo, and fent them two and two before his face into every city, and place, whither he hrmfeW£; would, come. 2. , Therefore laid `he' 'unto 'them, The harveft truly is great, but the labourers are few pray ye there= fore. the Lord of the harveft, that he would frd forth labourers into his harveft. I, 2. As he had chufen twelve, wiíh;re, fee& rothe twelve Tribes ; fo he chofe fevenry, according torhe number of the great Council,, `Lis like .70 being put for 72; as an ancient Copy hash 'ir. By Which it appeareth he fets led a'difpariry in his Minifters. Luke. fontforth. Ch. io. Note; Priefts now are many, but labourers few What men are they that hate and filence the faithfulleft Labourers, fafpeddng thatthey are not for their Irtereft? 3, Go your ways : behold, I fend you forth as lambs among wolves. 4. Carry neither purfe; nor fèrip, nor {hoes : and falute no man by the way. 3, 4. I fend you on filch work, in which you fhall fuffer from wicked men, as I muff do. Let not the care ofprovifion, nor any matters of inferiour concern, as human re, Meets are, ftopyou in your own work and un- dertaken Miniftry, (not that all Civility is for- bidden.) g. And into whatfoever houfe ye. enter, firft fay, Peace be to this houle. _ 6. Arid if the fon of peace be there, your peace (hall reft upon it if not it fhall turn to you a, gain. s. 6: For the neceffary capacity of the R ceiver is implied, as a condition of the Fife( The fame Benedi&ion is effe&ual ro a capat Receiver, and uneffe&ual toanother, (as isa the Sacrament.) 7. And in the fame houle main , eating and drinking fr things as they give : for the labo er is worthy of his hire. Go from houfe to houfe. 8. And is whatfoever city ye enter, and ty receive you, eat fuch things ase fet before you. 7, 1. Maintenance is your due, £onus work. 9. And heal the tick thatre therein, and fay unto them, he kingdom of God is come nighito you. 9. This was the Gofpel that they w to preach., Ito. But into whatfoever 'ci ye enter, and they receive yonot, go your ways out into the ftres of the "fame, and fay, i I. Eve, the very duff of your city, whicltlea- veth on us, we do wipe off mina you notwithftanding, be ye Ire of this, that the kingdom of Gd is come nigh, unto you. To, jr. See Matti,. lo. 14. 12. But I . day uuto you, tat it {hall