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01.9. Chrirl's tlleeknef, and St. Luke. Choice ofhisFollowers. Ch."' 49. And John anfwered and faid, Mailer, we law one calling out de- vils in thy name ; and we forbad him, becaufe he followeth not with us.. O. And Jefus laid unto him, Forbid him not : for he that is not against us, is for us. 49, So. See on Mad, 12. 3C. 5 r. And it carne to pats, when the time was come that he fhoulc. be received up, he fiedfitílly let his face to go to Jerufalem. 51. The time of his approaching Crucifixi- on, and his A!cenfion to Heaven. 52. And fent meffengers before his face : and they went, and entred into a village of the Samaritans to make ready for him. 53. And they did not receive him , becaufe his face was as though he would go to Jerufalem. 5 2, 53. Nate; For the lows and the Samari- tans difoæned eadlh other, upon their Contro- vrfres about worfaip. 5'4 And when his disciples, James, and John íáw this, they Paid, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and confume them, even as Elias did ? 55. Bat he turned and rebuked them, and laid, Ye know not what man- ner of fpirit ye are of. 56. For the Son of man is not come to deflroy mens lives, but to fave them. And they went to another village. axon, as it is now. 54, 55, 56. That which you take for the . Then there arofe a realoning Spirit of Elias, and Zeal for me againft fin, amg them, which of them fh.Dtild is'a felh(h, uncharitable, revengeful Spirit, be eatefl. and not that which I will give you, which is a 4 Note; Alas, that Pride' and Ambition Spirit of Loveand Gents refs : You know not ihn tacgin fo near toChia, and fuetel 'the your own hearts, but take thatfor good n you Caiaiydf the Church! which is0113 and you knows not me as you fao ld do :. come to Pave, and not to deßroy 4 And Jefus perceiving the_ men thouit of their heart, took a child; This is thethird fin againft Charity recorded and t him by him, 48. And laid of 'fob's; whowas after the great Preacher of trntoaem , Whofoever shall receive Love' this tild in my name, rbceiveth me 5' And it came.; td pars that as and s'Liofoever fnall receive me, re- r they went in the way , a certain ceivei him that fent me : for her marrfaid unto him, Lord, I will fol- that ijeaft among you ail, the famaa láw thee- n itherfoevet thou goefl. íhall e great. c .y }c efus fait r.otohim, Foxes 47, Llu;nili'y muff be your greatnefl. hgs e [7ro}g. , 4id tile birds of the air L 4 with you, and fuffer you? Bring thy fhn hither. 42. And as he was yet a coming, the devil threw him down, and tare him ; and Jefus re- buked the unclean Spirit, and healed the child, and delivered him again to his father. 37, 33, 39, 40, 41, 42. See on Metth. 17. 15, t 6. Since I have my felt known one yet living that had an old and violent Epilepsy, once, twice, or thrice a day, perfe&ly cured (near thirtyyears ago, and ío continueth,) af- ter other great means ulid, merely by fafting and earneft prayer, fuddenly in the adrift of prayerthe fecond day ; I do the Bader believe that the Devil and a natural Difeale, of which he is the Executioner, may confiff together. 43. And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God : But while they wondred every one at all things which Jefus did, he laid unto its difciples, 44. Let thefe fayings ink down into your ears : for the on of man (hall he delivered into se hands of men. 45, 44 Let not my Glory and Power put u in vain expe&ations of earthly Dominion. 'lerve, and forget not that I tell you again l again, that i muff luffer, (and ore again. 15. But they underflood not this äng, and it was hid from them, t: they perceived it not : and they fed to ask him Of that laying. Mte;..Even the Apoftks undcrttood net rhErift mull be crucified; and rifa again, thh he oft told it them, and c ;tged, Mein th mightfink down into their Ears. Tàere- fope belief of it was not then necëfliryto have