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h. r r.. Cbrifl's power . St. Luke. over Satan. Ch. Y r, that is, as far as he bathpromifed ; t. Grace trufled, and divided his fpoils. ,und Glory certainly to all penitent Believers. zt, 22. IfI did not conquer Satan, I could z. And the things of this life on thee three not cart him out of his pofièfïion of Bodies .conditions ; t. If they are fuch as are fit for andSouls. /heperfon. 2. And he be fit for them. 3. .And it be fit to fubferve God's higher ends, z3 He that is not with me, is a. dais Glory, and the pablick good and do not gain(} me : and he that gathereth cross them. not with me, fcattereth. So much of his Spirit as is necellary to Sal- 23. See Mattis. /2. 30. vation, he will give to all true Believers And 24. When the unclean fpirit is the additional degrees and gifts, he giveth on gone out of a man , he walketh xhe terms afnrefafd through dry places, feeking re$ 14. And he was calling out a de- and finding none, he faith, I will vil, and it was dumb. And it came return. unto m y houfe whence I to pats, when the devil was gone out, came out. z And when he co- he dumb fpake fpake Tome of themopt meth, he findeth it fwept and gar,. 5- nifhed. 26. Then goeth he and ta- He cafteth out devils through Bed- kerb to him feveu other fpirits more zebub, the chief of the devils. In t4, t5. See Mattb. 12.. They were f©con- vinced wicked then himfelf, and they en- of the faf of his Miracles, that they ter in and dwell there : and the tall Shad no plea for their unbelief left them, but (late of that man is worfe than the to fay, he did them by Conjuration, which is firth. ahe blafpheming of the Holy Ghof}. 24,25, 26. But ;let him that is delivered 16. And other tempting him, from Satan's poffelfion of Body or Soul, rake fought of him a fign from heaven heed that he return not : For when Satan is a 7. But he knowing their thoughts, cafe out, he tryeth by his Temptations toget îaiduntothem Every kingdom di- Bofíef ionof Tome others: And when he bath alla vided alnft its (elf, is brought to ulted many, andis reffted and fruftrate by a g g the graceof God, he refolveth again to try defolation : and a houfe divided a- his affaults, on him that was delivered; And :gainft a houfe, falleth. r S. If Sa- finding him carelefs, unwatchful, and ready ,tan elfo be divided againft himfelf, to receive hisTemptations, heltggefterhworfe things ro him than thofe that he had renoun- ced, and bringeth it on fair pretences feven- fold worfe vices than he had before : And the end of that man is worfe than was his firft captivity toSatan. Note, It is Comekind of reef to Devils to deceive and deftroy Souls ; As it is to a mali- cious mantodo npfchief by revenge. Devils are not yet at their mofe eafelefs flare. See how (hall his kingdom fland ? be- caufe ye fay, that I call out devils through Beelzebub. r9. And If I by Beelzebub call out devils, by whom do your fons call them out ? therefore (hall they be your judges. T6, 57, t8, to. Note; When Satan labour_ eth to divide the Churchof Chrift, it is that he may del-boy ir: And Ihould we do worfe a- gainft Chi itt's Kingdom, than Satan will do by his own ? zó. But if I with the finger of God call out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you. zo. It is the approving work of God, io fet up his Kingdom againft the Devils. 21. When a ftrong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace. 2 z. But when a ftronger than he (hall come upon him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he Mat. t1. 47 27. And it came to pats, as he fpake thefe things, a certain woman of the company lift up her voice, and faid unto him, Bleffed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou haft fucked. 28. But he faid, Yea, rather bleffed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. 27, 28. Note; Carnal perfons moft regard carnal Relations. 2. Chrift accounts them that hear and keep God's Word, as more amiable and blefled, than it would be to have been his own Mother Andwe mull judge as he doth': Though when God naked, provifion for our Fan t.