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Ch. IT. H'ypocrifte St. Luke. conclenanecl Ch. rr: Families, our duty muft be to obey him as his Stewards in our diftributions; yet Grace is more amiable than natural Relations. 29. And when the people were gathered thick together, he began to fay, This is an evil generation: they Peek a fign, and there (hall no fign be given it, but the fign ofJo- nas the prophet. 30. For as Jonas was a fign unto the Ninevites, fo íhall alto the fon of man be to this generation. 29, 30. As yanas afier three days abode in the Sea, was Pent to preach ; fo after my three days in the grave, t willrife and call the World to Repentance, by mine Apoftles and my Spirit, and fave them as Nîneve was la- ved. 31. The queen of the fouth íhall rife up' in the judgment with the men of this generation, and con- demn them : for the came from the utmoft parts of the earth, to hear the wifdom of Solomon and be- hold, a greater then Solomon is here. sr. It shall appear that the gems are worfe than her, and deferve deftrut }ion for being fo much worfe, and averfe to Faich. 3 z: The men of Nineve (hall rife up in the judgment with this gene- ration, and fhall' condemn it : for they repentedat the preachingofJo- nas ; and behold, a greater then Jo- nas is here. 82. See Match. 12. 42.. 33 No man when he bath lighted a candle, putteth it in a fecret place, neither under a bushel ; but on a candleftick, that they which come in may fee the light. 39. God would not have us hide his Truth, much lets filence it by Diabolical Ferfecution. 34 The light of the body is the eye : therefore when thine eye is fingle, thywhole body is alto full of light : but when thine eye is evil, thy body alfo is full of darknefs. g4. The Light of Man is his true Under- Banding : As thatis, fo is the man a child of Light, or of Datknefs. 35 Take heed therefore, that the light which is in thee be not dark- nefs, 3 s. Take heed left that underftanding be ignorant, or erroneous. 36. If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark; the whole (hall be full of light, as. when the bright fhiningof a can- dle doth give thee light. 56. See Mark 6. 26. 37. And as he 'fpake, a certain pharifee befought him to dine with him : and he went in and fat down to meat. 38. And when the phari- fee faw it, he marvelled that he had notfirft wafhed before dinner. 37, 38. See March. 7. 3. Matth. 15. 2. 39. And the Lord faid unro him, Now do ye pharifees make clean the outride of the cup and the platter but your inward part is full of ra- vening and wickednefs. 40. Ye fools, did not he that made that which is without, make that which is within alto?. 41. But rather give alms of fuch things as you have ; and behold, all things are clean until you. 39, 40, 42. True Cleannefs is to be accepta- ble to God : Be charitable and liberal, and your meat will be clean to you 42. But wo unto you pharifees : for ye tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs , and pats over judgment and the love of God: there ought ye to have done, and not to heave the other undone. 42. See Meth. 23. 23. The Love of God and Jufticewith Men, are far greater matters than Religious Rites and Ceremonies , pc Church.Orders. God's Laws are fume far greater than others, though none to be viola,- ted, 43 Wounto you pharifees : for ye love the uppermoft feats in the fynagogues, and greetings in the markets. 44. Wo unto you fcribes and pharifees, hypocrites : for ye are as graves which appear nor, and the men that walk over them, are not aware of them. 43, 44 Note_; Hypocrite is Pride covered with formal, Ceremonious thews of Religion, fumed= unknown ro the Hypocrite himfelf. 45. Then anfwered one of the law-