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Ch. .iz. Againft Earthly St. all ;1 andmuchmore to you : There is not an hairof your heads not caufed, not known, and not regarded _try him? And doth he difregard your lives or welfare, whom he hash raifèd a- bove,the rank of Brutes ? !vote ; God is as fufficienc for every creature' and event, as if he had but that one to mind. 8. Alfò I fay unto you, Whofo- ever (hall confefs me before men, him (hall the Son of man alto con- fefs before the angels of God. 8. Own me fincerely in the time of Tryal, and I will own you before Angels, where are your greaceft concerns. 9. But he that denieth me before men, Iholl be denied before the an- gels of God. 9. Without true Repentance. ro. And whofoever (hall fpeak a word againfl the Son of man, it (hall he forgiven him: but unto him that blafphemeth againft the holy Ghoft, it (hall not be forgiven. to. To fpeak-againft me, asa man, is par- donable : But whenl (hall fend the Spirit of Miracles and Holinefs to be my Witnefs in the World, they that will not be convinced by this Spirit, but blafphemoufy fay, It is the power and work of the Devils, do fin againft the laft and great means of Convi&ion, and being uncured, are unpardonable. s t. And when they bring you unto the fynagogues, and unto magiftrates, and powers, take ye no thought how or what thing ye (hall anfwer, or what yefhall fay : r 2. For the ho- ly Ghoft 8ráll teach you in the fame hour, what ye ought to fay. II, 02. Let not the fear of your unready speech difcourage you, but truft the Spirit of God to help you. r 3. And one of the company fait unto him, Mailer, fpeak to my brother, that he divide the inheri- tance with me. 14. Andheftid un- to him, Man, who made me a judge, or a divider over you ? 13, 14. N. Whether the man would have had Shrift taken onhim an Authoritative De- eìlion, or only a freeArbitration, is uncertain, whichever it was, Chrift- refuleth it: A work of worldly Rulehe dfclaimed: And he would notbe -lb imprudent as to offend men by an Arbitration without need. o5. And heSaid unto them, Take heed,, and beware of covetoufüefs: :for a man's life confifteth not in the Luke. mindednef Ch. r2, abundance of the things which he poflefleth. r s . Take heed of being too defirous of wealth or plenty : For neirner life. nor the comfort of life, depends on plenty, but on the holyand obedient ufe of what you have, and on the bleffing and loveof God. 16. And he fpake a parable unto them, Paying, The ground of a cur- tain rich man brought forth plenti- fully. 17. And he thought within himfelf, Paying, What (hall I do, becaufe I have no room where to be- llowmy fruits ? r 8. And he faid, This will I do : I will pull down my barns, and build greater ; and there will I bellow all my fruits and my goods. 09. And I will fay to my foul., Soul, thouhaft much goods laid up for many years ; take thine eafe, ear, drink, and be merry. aó. But God faid unto him, Thou fool, this night thy foul (hall be required of thee : then whole (hall thofe things bewhich thouhaft provided ? 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. ate ; The damning foI- ly of wicked men, is. .1. In overloving the pleafare of the tlefh; to ear, and drink, and be merry, and live at eafè. 2. To over-love Riches and plenty, as proviGon for this fleibly pleafure. 3. To flatter thetnfelves with the conceit of long life, and to forget the lhortnefs of time, and their latter end. 4. To neglect a due dependance on God for all things. s. To negle& the due care of the Soul, and pre- paration for another World, and to let lefs'by Heaven than Earth; fuch are the molt mile- cable fools. as. So is he that layeth up tree= fure for himfelf, and is not rich to- wards God. 2t. Suchis everyone, whofechief careand labour is, to have plenteous proviGon for his ownBody, and is not rich in Grace, nor, ufeth his riches t0 pleafe God in good works. 22. And he faid untohis difciples, Therefore I fay unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye (hall eat ; neither for the body, what ye flail put on. 23. The life is more then mear, and the body is mire then raiment. 2 z, a e. Nate s Luke brings in things fpnken atfevcral tivres,.on leveral occafions. for the matters fake. See Matth. 6. Trutt him for the Id's, who bath freely given you the greater. 24. Con-