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Ch. r r. Woes pronounced St. Luke. againft the Pbarifees. Ch.rz, lawyers, and faid unto him, Ma- iler, thus faying, thou reproacheft C A P. XII. us alto. 46. And he laid, Wo un- to you alto ye lawyers : for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be born, and ye your felves touch not the burdens with one of your fin- gers, 45, 46. N,te r. 'Bad men can bear guilt , but not :reproach for it. 2. Stria Doctrine condemneth loófè and guilty Preachers.. 47. Wo unto you : for ye build the fepulchres of the prophets, and your fathers killed them. 48. Truly ye . bear witnefs that ye allow the deeds of your fathers: for they indeed killed them, and ye build their fepulchres. 47, 48. See Máish. 23. 30. Hypocrites glory in the names and bonour of dead Mar- tyrs and Sàints, and kill the living. 49. Therefore alto faid the wif- domof God, I will fend them pro- phets and apoftles, andfame of them they fhall flay and perfecute : 56. That the bloud of all the prophets which was shed from the foundation 4, And I fayunto you my friends, of the world, may be required of Be not afraid of them that kill the this generation. body, and afte; that, have no more 49, so. Your Fore-fathers fins, and yours that they can do. 5. But I will !hall be revenged on you ftordy. forewarn you whom ye (hall fear : 51. From the bloud of Abel unto Fear him,. which after he bath kil- the blond of Zacharias, which pe- led, Bath power to caft into hell ; rifled between the altar and the yea, I fay unto you Fear him. temple: verily I fay unto 'you, it q,.5. I give it you as the molt friendly coon. !hail be required of this generation. fel, Take heed oftoo much fear of man, kit 52. Wo unto you lawyers ; for ye is caufe you to betray your Suula: They can have taken away the Ice of know- but kill the Body: The Soul overlive[itit; y and mañswelfare or mifery is after death ledge : ye entred not in -your felves, ye.rlccutora or Tyrants cannot reach orhurtyoit and them that were entring in, ye after death. But, as you love your (elves; fear God, whale Juftice will be executed on r. N the mean time , when there I were gathered together an in- numerable multitude ofthe people, infomuch that they trode one upon another,hebegan to fay untohisdifci- piesfirft ofail,Beware ye ofthe leaven ofthepharifees, which is hypocrifie. t. Note ; He diffwadeth none from joyn- ing with them in any good, or hearing the Law from them, but to avoid their Hypocrifie, and Ceremonious covers of iniquity, joined with malice again(! Chrift. 2. For there is nothing covered, that (hall not be revealed ; neither hid, that fhall not be known.. 3; Therefore whatfoever ye have fpo- ken in darknefs, (hall be heard in the light : and that which ye have fpo- ken in the ear in clofets, (hall be proclaimed upon the houle-tops. 2, 3. Trutt not to Seereiseand Deceit ; for all fecret fins !hall be openedat the left. bore ; O how many will that day (tame ! It is our witdom, by due confetlion, to take fiance fooner to our felveâ. hindred. sr, 52. Note; The jolt dcfcription of a wicked Clergy. 53. And as he faid thefe things unto them, the fcribes and the pha- rifees began to urge him vehemently, and to provoke him to fpeak of ma- ny things : 54. Laying wait for him, and reeking to catch fomething out of his mouth, that they might accule him, 3, 54. Their:wrath for their wits on work to enfo are him. the ungodly after death, and when he hat taken away their Souls, he will caft therniota Hell: Again, I fay, be fate tofear him. 6. Are not five fparrows fold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God ? 9. But e- ven the very hairs of' your head are all numbred. Fear not therefore : ye are of more value then many fpar- rows. 6, 7. God's Providence extendeth to a Spar- row, and to the fmallett Creatures s (for he is omnipotent, and all-fufficient, and maintaineth all;)