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Ch. ri. 73egoodSteward,&e. St. Luke. Divifaonsforetold, Ch. I a, ful and wife Reward, whom his lord 49. I am come to fend fire on the (hall make ruler over his houfhold, earth, and what will I, if it be alrea- to give them their portion of meat dy kindled ? 5o. But I have a bap- in due feafon ? 43. Bleffed is that tifrn to be baptized with, and how fervant, whom his lord when he am 'I ftraitned till it be accompli- 'corned', fhall find fo doing. 44. flied ! of a truth I fay unto you, that he 49, so. I come to do that work that will will make him ruler over all that he let the World on fire, and occfion perircu- lion : And it is already begun. And I am to hash. lead the way in filleting, and to go through 41, 1;2,43, 44. I (peak it to all fo far as thofe flames my Eel£; And I am as in pain till they are God's Stewardsof their feveral truth : it be accomplifhed. But efpecially to thofe that are ruling Stewards over the Churches, appointed to-give,the Chit- r. Suppofe ye that I am come to dren their due food in lesion : All fischlhalì be give peace on earth ? I tell you, rewarded. Nay ; but rather divifion. 5a. For 45. But and if that fervant fay from henceforth there (hall be five in his heart, My lord delayeth his-in one horde divided, three againft coming; and (hall begin to beat two, and two againfl three. 53. the men fervants, and maidens, and The father (hail be divided againft to eat and drink, and to be drtynken : the fon, and the fon againft the fa- 46. The lord of that fervant will ther : the mother againft the daugh- come in a day when he looketh' not ter, and the daughter againft the mo- for him, and at an hour when he is ther : the mother in law againft her nót aware, and will cut him in fun_ daughter in law, and the daughter der, and will appoint him his por- in law againft her mother in law. Lion with the unbelievers. 51, s a, 53. Some think that the Comingof 45. 46. Note, This dreadful threatning is al- the meet', will fettle an ue,iverfal peace s but fo a prophecy of a worldly perlècuting fort, they aremittaken: I come to conquer Saran s that fhould arifè under pretence of ruling and Kingnot be withoutve coins t tÌ come solid which feeding the houfheldofChrïft; both Civil and vide men from Sinand Satan, who poffeffed Etcletìaaical. them' in peace : And the Suldiets of Satan will 4 7. And that fervant which knew Wile thole that by grace efcape; natural his lord's will, and prepared not him- kindred will not reconcile them. (elf, neither did according to his will, S4, And he faid alfo to the people, fhall be beaten with manyfir4es. when e fee a cloud rife out of the 47. The fins again[} knowledge are greater welt, iraightway ye fay, Thereco- far than thofeof ignorance. Note, There are degrees of pain in Hell. meth a fhowre ; and fo it is. 55. Note, And wicked Clergy-men and Teachers And when ye fie the fouth-wind will have the greateitTorment. blow, ye fay there will be heat ; and 48. But he that knew not, and it cometh to pafs. 56. Ye hypo- did commit things worthy of feripes, crites, ye can difcern the face of the (hall be beaten with few (tripes. For skie, and of the earth : but how is untowiyomfoever much is given, of it, thatye donot difcern thistime ? him (hall be much required : and to 54, 5 s, s6. You have by experience learn - whom men have committed much, ed to forerei the weather by the winds ; and of him they will ask the more why learnyou nor, by the 5gns in your your 48 Some inHell have few ¡tripes compara- tively. own hearts and lives to fore!'ee what. is like to befall you t even the deltrudioo that is at . .Noce, Great giftsmutt be tired with great hand. diligence; and great power and ma, and 57 Yea, and why even of your char,;es, are rather to be feared than ambiti felves judge ye not what is right ? ou!ly fought. Little do the Great Conquerors 57. Yea why do you not gather it from the óf the World, or thole chat ffrice for Church. nature of duty and fin, and of the Jufice of prof. t ment, believe and confider what Duty, or God. de, p Demrati-.;e, tìi y ii, areal taboue for. M 5 8. When