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Ch. 13: The neceffty St. Luke. of Repentance Ch. 13, c8. When thou geed with thine the towre in Siloam fell, and flew adverfary to the magiflrate, as that them, think ye that they were fin art in the way, give diligence that ners above all men that dwelt M.P., thou mayefl be delivered fromhim; rufalem? y. I tell you Nay i but left he hale thee to the judge ; and except ye repent, ye Iliad all like the judge deliver thee to the officer, wile perilla. and the officer call thee into prifon. a. s. Nate, Worfe didbefal the other yaws. gg. I tell thee, thou (halt not depart 6. He fpake alto this parable : A thence, till thou had paid the very certain man had a fig-tree planted in lad mite. _ his vineyard , and he came and s8, s9 Çitry it towards Gad, as thou ought fruit thereon and found wouldtt do roone that has a juft aecion again!{ none. ry. Then laid he unto the thee at Law : Thou f,oald: ft make thy peace deeffer of his vineyard, Behold, thefe with him by all mean before the Magiftrate three I feekino fro. Pars come on take the caute in hard, and judge thee to pri- ye n fon, till thou haft paid all the debt, and deli- this fig-tree, and find none : cut it vet thee to the Jay tor to that end : So make down, why cumbreth it the ground? thy peace with God by Christ, by timely and 8. And he anfwering, laid untohim, true repentance and faith, before lodgment Lord, let it alone this year alto, till pals on thee the irrevocable fentence' : I íhall dig about it, and dung át Nate, t. This was fpeken by Chrift on ano. $ , g thee accufation, and Lake lets various things 9. And if it bear fruit, well: and together, like Soleman's Prorerha s (unlefs rt if not, then after that thou 'halt cut were fpoken twiceby Christ.) it down. Nate, a. Timely repentance máß prevent ó, 7, 8, 9. unlit had three years preach'd too late wishes, and utter deßruttion. ¡Vote, y. They err, that 'hence gather that to the ob tirate yews. men in hell mail at laß come out, by paying t o. And he was teaching in one the very left mite. The f nfe of timifitudes of the fynagogues on the fabbath. . mare not he extended beyond the dcfignedend t r. And behold, there was a woman f him that fpeaketh, upon any pretence of which had a fpirit of infirmity the ßri& fenfe of the words. eighteen years, and was bowed toge- ther, and could in no wife lift up her C H A P. XIII. fe f c s o, t a. Satan was the executioner of her 'difeafe. r. Here were prefent at that lea- 12. And when Jefus raw her, he 1 fon, fome that told him of called her to him, and faid unto the Galileans, whofe blood Pilate her, Woman thoù art loofed from had mingled with their fa' crifices. thine infirmity. 13. And he laid r. some Pilate had killed for flitting up the his hands on her : and immediately People againttthe ßomarisGovernment. file was made flrainht, and glorified 2. And joins anfwering, faid un- God b, to them, Suppofe ye that there Ga- lileans were 'innersabove all the Ga- tor, t t. l'y DivinePower. lileans, becaufe they fuffered fuck 14. And the ruler of the fyna- ¡`.Tay : but gogue anfwered with indignation, things ? 3. I tell you, except ye repent, ye Iliad all like- becaufethat Jefus had, healed on the wife peril a. fabbath-day;and laidunto the people, a, 3. -Note, We weft not ¡liege them the There are 'fix days in which men greateß'inners that Puffer mat here: The ought to work : in them therefore Judge on the Bench maydo more wrong than come and be healed and. not on the the Thief whom he hangeth: And famous fabbath-day. Conquerors, than Robbers. The day is coming t The ford then anfwered him, that mutt Pct all right. There Yews after falter- S , eel north more. and laid, 'J hr hypocrite, doth not q.. Or thofe eighteen, upon whom one of you on the fäb'bathloolè his