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Ch. r. His ''James, &c. St. Matt 14. I reduce them to fourteen in the reel- tation, for memory-!rake and other reafans; This fufiiceth to my intended end. 18. Now the Birth of Jefus Chrifl was on this wife : When as his Mother Mary was efpoufed to Jofeph, before they came toge- her, the was found with child of the Holy Ghoft.` te. Aote, The Holy Ghoft did mimeo- , loufly caute Her Conception, without a hu- man Father. 19. Then Jofeph her husband, being a jufl man, and nót willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privi- ly. 19. 7ofeph being a good man, averfc to hrirtfulnel", thought rather to hide all by putting her privily away, than to expote her to the ilráme and puàiíhmene due by the Law, to fach as he thought her to be zo. But while, he thought on thefe things, behold, the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, faying, Jofeph thou Son of David, fear not ro take unto thee Mary thy Wife, for that which is conceiv'd in her, is of the Holy Ghorr, 21. And the fhall bring forth a Son, and thou fhail call his name Jefus, for he (hall fave his people from their fins. 20, z 1. Nice, It was a dream that had its convincicg evidence; for ordinary dreams glee no tech certainty. 2. The name fe¡.u, a Saviour, lignified his office, which is to fave hie People from their fn:, and f om de- terred puniihmerr. 22. Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was fpolten of the Lord by the Pro- phet, faying, a i. Behold, a Virgin flail be with child, and (hall bring forth a Son, and they fhall call his name Emanuel, which being in- terpreted is, God with us. 22, a3. In all this the Prophecy of Ifa. 7. 14. to abaz, in how Cart time God would then deliver them, was fulfilled in a farther fente intended by the Holy Ghoft, than thatneare& foretold ',vent : Nate, God with us, is God taking our Nature, appear!. hew. The Wife Men, &c. Ch. z. ing to us, and reconciling ánd bringing us to himielf, aq.. Then Jofeph being. railed from fleep, did as the Angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took untohimhis Wife: 25. And knew her not, till the had brought forth her firft-born fon, and he called his name Jefus. z5. Note, Though thefe words are no fidl proof that Misty had any other Children after, yet at leaft they make is utterly uncertain ; and as it is no Article of Faith as to the moment of it, fa neither as to the certainty : Yet therapal Seth have pretended Tradition for it, that Mary lived and died a Virgin, as of fo much weight as to hereticate the deniers of it : And fo they make all the Scripture infufrcicnt, not only as to matter, of order, difcipline, and W00. grip, but alto as to Articles of Faith ; that they may on pretence of Faith and Ortho- doxnefs deftroy Christian Unity and Love, and exercife domination by excommunica- dng and damning men on pretended tradi- tion or authority at their pleafure, C H A P. II. r. XY0wwhen Jabswas'born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the Days of Herod the King, be- hold there came wife men from the Eaft to Jerufalem ; 2. faying, Where is he that is born King of theJews, for we have feels his Star in the Eaft, and are come to wor- Ihip him. t, z. Some time after Chrifis birth, A- ftronomers of great note carne finm the Eaft-country (Chaldea or ,Arabia I fàying we have ken an extraordinary Star, which figniheth the birth of the King of the Jews, the Meffiah whom they expecìed, and are come to do our homage and honour to him. 3. When Herod the King had heard theft things he was trou bled, and all Jerufalem with him. g. And when he had gathered all the chief Priefls and Scribes of' the people together, he demanded of them, where ChrifiIhould be born. 3, 4. Note,