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Ch: x. TheTferen St. Matthew oftheEaß. Ch. a. 3, 4. Note 1, WhenChrift cometh to rave i r. And when they were come men, it cafta the World into difturbance, into theH.oufe,thev faw the young 2. The firft that was troubled and rofe up child with Mary his Mother, and againft Chrift, was the King, becaufe his crois intereftwasgreateft. 3 All jerufalem fell down and worfhipped him ; is troubled with the King. and when they had opened their 5. And they faid unto him; in creatures, they prefentedunto him BethlehemofJudea, for thus it is gifts, gold and frankincenfe, and written by'the Prophet ; 6. And myrrhe. a 2. And beingwarned of thou Bethlehem is the land of Ju- God in a dream that they fhould da, art not the leaf} among the not return to Herod, they depart Princes ofJuda : for out of thee ed into their own country ano- ftrall come agovernour, that (hall ther way. rule my People Ifrael. 1r, It. They did their Homage as tent 5, 6. Note, Bethlehemwas the City of Da- by God : And then God defeated the ma. vid's birth and of Chrift's : The Prophecy lice oftiered. is in Mie. ç. a. a clear Prophecy of Chrift, but thou Bethlehem-Ephratah, though thou be r 3. And when they were depar- little among the thoufands of yudah, (thou ted, behold, the Angel of theLord fands had their proper Rulers) yet out of appeareth toJofeph ina dream,fay- thee !hall hecome forth unto me, that it to ing,Arife, and take the young child be Ruler in Ifrael, whole goings forth havebeen from of old, from the days of E. and his mother,and flee into Egypt, ternity. and be thou there until I bring 1. Then Herod, when he had thee word : For Herod will feek privily called the wife men, en- the young child to deftroy him. 34: quired of them diligently what When he arofe, he took theyoung time the fiar appeared. 8. And child and his mother by night, and he fent them to Bethlehem, and departed into Egypt. faid, Go and fearch diligently for 03, 14. N. God could havecut of Herod. the young Child , and when ye or fecured Chrift by other ways or mira- have found him, bring me word ties : But to Thew that he will not make again that I may come and wor- miracles ordinary, but work by ufual means, Y Chrift mull fly into Egjpt, a Land of Hea (hip himalto. thenEndmies, to be faved from the King 7, 8. N. His malice contrived to have and People of Ifráel ; fuch flight was not made ufe of theWife men to further his cru- unlawful. city, cloaking it withhypocrite. r ç. And was there until the death 9. When they had heard the ofHerod; that it might be fulfilled King,they departed,and lo the Star which was fpoken of the Lord by which they faw in the Eaíl;wentbe the Prophet, faying, out of Egypt fore them till it came and flood o have I calledmy Son: ver where the young chil''was. v. Note, How this differed om other IS. Note, Whether the Prophet Hof- 12: Stars, and how it moved and dire&ed them, I. underftood this of any more han Ifrael'e is !lotto be clearly apprehended by us at firft deliverance from Egypt or no, yet the this diftance of time and place, who faw Holy Ghoft looked further and meant more, it not. eben the cats ofChrift. io. When they faw the liar, 16. ThenHerod, when he faw they rejoiced with exceeding great that he was mocked of the wife joy. men,was exceeding wroth,andfent io. They greatly rejoiced that God thus forth,and flew all the Children that renewedtheirdireólion. N. Some ancient were in Bethlehem, and in all the Fathers thought that this Star was an An- gel ; He maketh his AngelsSpirits, and his coatis thereof, from two years old Minifters a flame of Fire. and under, according to the time B a which