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i Ch. i6. Godknows the heart. St. L that could notefe well the fmall things of this tranfitory life. a I. If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mam- mon , who will commit to your truff the true riches? t r. Do you think God will judge you meet for Heaven, that were falle in your ate of earthly things. I 2. And if ye have not been faithful in that which is, another man's, who 'hall give you that which is your own ? es. And if ye have proved falle and un- trufty in your Stewardfhip, and ufe of God's entrufted Mercies in this life of Tryal, where you had no affurànce to stay an hour, do you think God will place fach, as proprietors, in the Everlalting Kingdom. 13. No fervant can ferve two mafters : for either he will hate the one, and love the other ; or elfe he will hold to the one, and defpife the other. Ye cannot ferve Godand mammon. 13. A divided heart between God and the World, is falle to God and to it fell: Ye cannot be true Chriftians and Worldlings too. 14. And the pharifees alfo who were covetous,heard all thefe things : and they derided him. ,t4. Note; The love of Riches rifes up a- gainft holy atd mortifying Dontrine, with ha- tred and acorn. i g. And he Paid unto them, Ye are they which juflifie your felves before men ; but Godknoweth your hearts : for that which is highly e- f4eemid amongft men, is abomina- tion in the fight of God. T5. You applaud one another, and keep up a worldly Reputation, but God feeth all the evil of your hearts ; and heabhotreeh the covetous, whotr. you biefs, and all proud and profperous Worldlings, when they are high- ed in mens edeem. i6. The law and the prophets were until,jolui : lince that time the uke. Dives and Lazarus; Ch./6. kingdom of God is preached, and every man prefl'eth into it. 56. Till 'fohn's days, the Law and the Pro- phets, that darkly foretold the Kingdom of God as afar off, were the chief Teachers of the Church ; but lince 3ohn's preaching that this Kingdom is at hard, multitudes gladly re- ceive that Tydings, and croud or preis into it with earneftnef. 17. And it is eafier for heaven and earth to pafs, then one title of the law to fail. 17. The Law is God's true Word, and iball never prove falle : The natural moral part !hall continue; the. Ceremonious part, the Types and Prophecies, pats not away, unfulfilled : They all pointed unto Chrif, who fulfilleth them, though he abrogate them. r8. Whofoevet putteth away his wife , and marrieth another, corn- mitteth adultery : and whofoever marrieth her that is put away. from Irer husband committeth adul- tery. 18. See Matth. 5. g2. 19. There was a certain richman which was clothed in purple, and fine linnen, and fared fumptuoully every day. 19. Note; This is the defcription of a Sen. fualift that liveth after thedefh, To be clothed in Purple and Silk, and to have every day a Godly Table 'of delightful meat and drink. Senfual dells pleating is the common dam- ning fin; and Riches are the fuel of fielhly de fires. ao. And there was a certain beggar named Lazarus, which was laid at his gate, full of fores, 2 t. And defining to be fed with the crumbs which fell from the rich man's table : moreover the dogs came and licked his fores. ro, at. Note a. It is like he had fome re. lief there, elle he would not have lain thee. 2. The word men are not ufually moft afiiiSt- ed in this life. 3. Rich flefhly men make too great a difference between themfclves and the Poor, and think their fuperfluities, and lump - tuous delicious fare, mud be preferred before the neceffities of their poor Brethren. 4. Doss