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Ch. 4. Chrff tempted. St. Matthew. Hebegins topreach. Ch. felled with Devils, and thofe that were lunitick, and thofe that had the Palfey, and he healed them. 2.5. And there followed him great multitudes of people fromGalilee, and fromDecapolis, and from Jeru- falem, and from Judea, and from beyond Jordan. 24, z S. Nate, r. Chrilt began his great Prophetick andMiraculous Works among the poorest contemnedport, and notin jerufalem amongft the greatest, 2 .The multitude ofthe miraculous cures, and that of old difeafes, such as Pallies, Leprofies, be. left no place for fufpicion ofdeceit. the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. 77. From that-ifine Jefus exercifed his ProphetickOffice, preachingto them, t.Thar the time of the Kingdom of she Mef iiah was now at hand , and, 2. therefore that they should repent, that they might be ht Sub ¡eels for his Kingdom,and might believe and receive remifhori of lins. 18. And Jefus walking by the Sea of Galilee, faw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, cafling a net into the Sea : ( for they were fishers.) 19. And he faith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you Biers of men. zo. And they flraightway left their nets, and followed him. t8, 19, 20. It being part of Christ's Of- fice to appoint Teachers under him, as he walked by the Lake of Gennefareth, he law Simon and ,Andrea,, be. And he called them to be_ Teachers to fave Souls : And that fo powerfully, as prevailed with them to leave all, and follow him. 21. Andgoing on from thencehe faw other two brethren, James the fon of Zebedee, and John his bro- ther, in a Ihipwith Zebedee their father, mending their nets : and he called them. 22. And they im- mediately left the fhip and their father, and followed him. 21, 22. Nate, Hiscall no doubtdid reach the heart : what perfwafives he before ufcd is not mentioned. 23. And Jefus went about all Caldee, teaching in their Syna- gogues, .and preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, and healing all manner of ficknefs, and all man- ner ofdifeafe among the people. 23. And from that time he went about in that Country of Galilee, teaching and preaching the joyfultidings that the Meffrah's Kingdomwas at hand ; and that his Mira- cles might confirm his Deli,ine, he mïracu- ioufly healed all manner of Diseases where he came. z4. And his fame went through- out all Syria : and they brought unto him all lick people, that were taken with divers difeafes and tor- ments, and thofe which were pof- CHAP. V. 1. A Nd feeing the multitudes, ,-j, the went up into a Moun- tain, and when he was fet, his Dif- ciples came unto him. 2. And he opened his mouth, and taughtthem, faying, r. And feeing the multitude that follow. ed him as admirers and learners, (not yet made full baptized Chriltians) he went for convenience of hearing, into a Mountain, and there being fet, he taught them as fol- loweth. Note, Phrafes follow the cultom of Conn- treys. And fb t he openedhis mouth] by that cultom was no fach abfurd phrafe, as it would be now. 3. Bleffed are the poor inSpirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Hea- ven. o. Bleffed are yemy trueDisciples, though you be poor in the world, if you have Spi- rits fitted to your Poverty, for you (hall have the Kingdom of Heaven for riches. Note, [Poor infpiritl fignifietha mind that is above the love of worldly Riches, and the fins that Riches use to breed and feed, (that Sodom's fins, Pride, Falnefs, and Idlenefs, and unmercifulnefs to the Poor); and fuch as are contented with Food and Raiment, having mortified the lofts of the flesh, which thirfls after worldly plenty and delight. 4. Bleffed are they that mourn : for they Mall be comforted. q. Though you are under forrows now, you are blefled, if you are godly, and have godly j