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Ch. ç. Cbriff s Sermon St.Matt godly fórrow, for your comfort will be time enough and full enough hereafter, Note, There are many forts of finful for- tows which have none of this promife, fuch as are the common fruits of overloving fome Creature, and diitrufting God. But it is ho- ly mourning that is here meant, that is, for our own or other mens fins, and God s dif- honour, and difpleafure, and our want of more grace , and for the miferies of the wicked, and fufferingworld. 5. Bleffed are the meek : for they fhall inherit the earth. 5. Though lowly meeknefsand quiet pa- tience feem a depreflèd miferable Itate with men, indeed thofe that are filch are the molt happy fort of men even in this World, and their way is the molt probable for efcaping of outward fuffering; while the contrary minded vex themfelves with their own im- patience and pride, and provoke others to hurt them, and fuffer much becaufe they cannot fuffera little ; and raifing Seditious and Wars, do thin themfelves by revenge and ruining others, and perifh by the Sword to which they trutt. 6. Bleffed are they that hunger and thirft after righteoufnefs : for they fhall be filled. 6. Bleffed are you, though now you hun- ger for want of Bread, if you hungerand thirft after righteoufnefs of heart and life towards God and Man, as thofe that would fain be perfe& in holinefs, and doing good to all; and that not with a fluggifh with, but a delire that ufeth effe&ual endeavour : For you that] have full fatisfa&ion of all fuch define ; and more than you can defare now, when the full are fent empty away. 7. Bleffed are the merciful : for they 'hall' obtain mercy. 7. Tho God's Grace and Mercy be free, yet menmuff be fit receivers and not reje& it : And it is the merciful that are thus blef- fed, as qualified for Paving mercy from God: while the cruel, and oppreffors, and perfecu- tors, and unmerciful, reje& mercy by their forfeiture and incapacity, and undo them- felves by hurting others. 8. Bleffed are the pure in heart : for they fhall fee God. 8. God will not biefs impure, unholy Souls withthe light ofhis Countenance and the comfort of his Love ; nor dwell with the filthy Workers ofIniquity : without holi- nefs none fhall fee God. But you whofe hearts, his Grace hath purified from the filth of Belly worldly Luths, and the love of fin are ajbleffed people, for Grace bath fitted hew: upon the Mount. Ch. S; you for begun communion with God here, and you (hall fee him in heavenly glory hereafter. He hath not purified your hearts in vain. ç. Bleffed are the peace-makers : for they fhall be called the children ofGod: 9. ThoPeacemakers ufe to be hated by both extreatna and fides of the contentious, whom they would reconcile, yet they are bleffed that do it fincerely fioîn the predo- minant love of God and Man and Peace; for as Children are like the Father, fo are they to the God of Love and Peace, who. hath reconciled his Enemies to himbyChritt. t o. Bleffed are they whichare per- fecuted for righteoufnefs fake : for theirs is the Kingdom, of Heaven. no. Tho men think them miferable that are oppreft and ruined in the World: they are bleffed if they are perfecuted for righte- oufnefs fake : For it's God's caufe, who will reward them with the Kingdom of Hea- ven, and never let any be a lofer by his obe- dience to him. r t. Bleffedareye when men fhall revile you, and perfecute you, and fhall fay all manner of evil againft you falfly for my fake. eI. Think not that I come to advance yon to worldly honour, but look to be reviled and perfecuted, not only by Heathens but by Jews, and to have all manner ofevil charged on you, and reported of you falfly, for my fake, becaufe you believe me and obey me: But in all this you are bleffed while your falfe accafers and perfecuters are.miferable. :2. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad : for great it your reward in Heaven : for fo perfecuted they the Prophets which were before you. az. Though fuch ufage would break the hearts of worldly Men and Hypocrites, do not you onlybear it patiently, but joyfully, with exceeding gladnefs, becaufe your re. ward in Heaven will be fo much the furet and greater : for you dó,but follow the Pro- phets that are gone this way to. Heaven be. fore you, whom the carnal Church perfecu- ted and murdered, tho their pofterity ho. flour their names when they are dead, but go on and imitate them in hating and perfe.. outing the living. r3. Ye are the fait of the earth: but if the fait have loft its favour, wherewith £hall it be fa lted ? it is thence-