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Ch.6. Oforgiving offences. St. Matthew. Offalling. Ch.6. sited that pardon and grace, which he hath Scheme. ButI nowwrite for the lefs learn. given in his Covenant, and proclaimed and ed that cannot well comprehend accurate- offered to us all in the Gofpel : Forgive all nets : They that can, may find it donealrea- the fins of our formal life, and the remain. dy in my Latin Method of Theology; and the ing corruption of our hearts, and the daily lower fort may find inch a brief and plain faults that we are guilty of in our Rate of Expofuionas filch are capable of, in my Fa. ímperfeáion. And knowing that thou for- milyCaraebifm : And in both, the Controver- givef none but penitent believers, and bind - flea hereabout refolved. eft us to love and forgive others as ever we 14. For ifye forgive men their would be forgiven, we confefs acid lament trefpaffes,your heavenly Father will our manifold fans of corrupt nature and pra- alfo forgive you. i 5. But if ye for.. dire, of ignorance and of knowledge, of ive not men their trefpaffes, nei- negligence, ramnefs and prefumptuous nil- g p , fulnefs. The remembrance of them is our ther will your Father forgive your grief and Shame, we loath our (elves for trefpaffes. them,andearneßly begeobehealed of them r 14. Left you should think that no qualify- we call our (elves by believing Truß (rhoalas cation for pardon and other gifts ate neceßà- toowcak) mJefus our Saviour hisMerits and ay in you, Iagain repeat what felhih nature Interceea and thy Love and Mercy and is loth to obferve, that tho God be your hea- ruledby in him, defrrir,g henceforth to be venly Father, yet your love and fotgivenefs ruledby him,and fanfeified by his Spiritand of your Brother is fo necefíary to his forgie- Grace. And we unfeignedly love and for- ing you, that withoutit you !hall not he for- give all thole that have wronged us : we be- y leech thee thereforecharge not our fins upon given : not if you have not this h fiscalled as, but acquit us from the everlafting punifh. you are God a children, and he is called meat, and all vindiáive penalties in this life Your Heavenly Father but as offering you his race: But if you have fançere Love, with on Soul or Body And grant the fame to all g our brethren forwhomwe pray. notable defei&s in your forgivingothers, God Andbecaufe if thou keep us not, we than will coned you as children, and will not pun on in guilt by new temptations, and lofe forgive you force (harp chaßi.Cements; but all that thou haft givenus : We hilly befeech ifyou you have the off to love. thers, thee, to faveus from all dangerous temptations, either by Satan's inward fuggeftions, or outward festes, by our own ill inclina- notas the hypocrites, ofa fad coun- tions, or worldly allurements, or by fuch fuf- tenance, for they disfigure theirfa- ferings as may be too fining for our faith, ces, that they may appear unto men hope and patience, or would ftapprefs our to fait. YerilyI fayunto you, they holy love, and thankfulnefs and joyful pralle, have their reward. andPave us from Satan, from our (elves, our enemies and our friends that would tempt 16. Do not, for tobethought godly, feem cos to any evil, and from the finand misery to be more humbled than youare ; nor mew and thy deferved judgments, of which we that outwardly, which shouldbe aconcealed are in danger. And fortifie us with thy con- fecret Faft : such hypocrites (hall have nw firming comfortingSpirit. better reward, than the efteem and praise And we beg all thefe mercies of thee to ofmen which they thus Peek. this end, that we may employ themwith all 17. But thou, when thou fafteft, shy Saints, in joyful prailea of thy bleíièd anoint thine head, and waih thy Kingdom and Government in Heaven and face : r8. That thou appear not Earth, and in holy admiration of shyPower, and all perfeáions, and in glorifying thy Infa unto men to fall, but unto thy Fa- nite Goodnefs and Bleffednefs , with the ther which is in fecret : and thy glorified Society for evermore. Thefe are Father which feeth in fecret, 4t41 the defiresofour Souls, and the requefts of reward the openly. our lips, which we humbly, and earneftly in t7, t $. But lok for thine approba Faith and Hope do presentto thee our Hea- tinn and reward from God, and hide froth through Father, by the our motion of shy Spirit, the notice of the world thy private humilia- Jefus ChriR, Interceífor, Lord tines (tho publick humiliationsof Churches and Saviour, Reader, AmSn. Hare, So perfeá is the method of and Nations, and for open wrongs, molt be the Lord's Prayer, that I had thought tohave publickly (hewn) and God will openly re- Anatomized it and fer it before thee in -a ward thee. . U. Lay