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Ch. 6. 7'o avoid St. Matthew. worldly-Cares. Ch. 6; aS. And why take ye though for Chrift he bath promifed acceptance and Calve. raiment? Confider the lilies of the tion, feek thefel fay beforeall worldly profpe field how they grow ; they toil riot thy and flefhly intereR, with your chiefand > predominanetfh; m, Choice, and Endeavour; and neither do they fpin. 29. And yet I then all bodily things (hall be given inas additi. fayunto you, That even Solomonin ons to the greater bleeüngs, fo far as GodBeth all his glorywas not array'd like one them fitfor you, and you for them, (for Godli. nefs bath the promife of this lifeand of that to ofthefe. 3o. Wherefore if God fo come) clothe the grafs of the field, which to 34 Take thereforeno thought for day is, and to morrow is can intothe the morrow : for the morrow Shall oven, (ball he not much more clothe take thought for the things ofit felf: you, O yeof little faith ? fufficient unto the day is the evil 28, zs, go. And why do you diftruitfully care for cloathing? You fee the Lilies of the "field that neither Sownor Spin, haveyeta more beautiful flower than Salomon's moft fplendid Ornaments could match. And clothGod fo cloath thefe and other plants with beauty and fweetnefr, and are you fo di(truftful and weak' in Faith, as tofear that he will negle& you ? Nate, That Chrift here neither blameth Saw- ing, Spinning, orother meet labour, nor would have it done imprudently and carelelly ; much Icfs cloth he approveof an idle flothful life on pretence of nutting God. Six days muff we labour, and not eat the bread ofidlenefs : Raul faith, He that will not work (when he can) let him not eat. Idlenefs corrupteth Body and Soul. Such Oars as the mutt take to feed and cloath the poor, fuch at lcaft we may take fur our felves: 3r. Therefore take no thought fay- ing, What fhall we eat ? or what Shall we drink ? or wherewithal Shall we be clothed ? gr. Therefore whenyou have done your du- ty, cruet God, and do not with murmuring or felf-troublingditlruttfuily fay, Whence Soli I have food and raiment? g a. (For after all thefe things do the Gentiles feek) for your heavenly Father knoweth t rat ye have need of all thefe things. gs. This is the Praftice ofthe Heathens,who fear and complement their Idol Gods, but can- not null them for what they want, but by felt- trotting and Pelf- feekiugare drownedin world- ly love and care. But your heavenly Father is far better acquainted with all your wants than you are, and cloth not difregard them. 33. But feek ye fief the Kingdom ofGod, and his rigltteoufnefs, and all there things fhall be added unto you. 33. But I make thisPromife whichyou may boldly nub ; fee that you f ekfir(l God's Kingdom of grace and glory, and that Riglteaafefi (Re- "'atom, éabarsal and attuai) to which throug't thereof, 34. Therefore (begof God your daily bread in faith, and in the ufe ofhoneft labour; but) take no didru(tful, troubling, careful thoughts for the time to come ; it will be time enough to morrow to take noticeof to morrowswants; and to do to morrows work : Every day bath its own duty and difficulty, and fufferings muff be expe&ed : Do not anticipate them and take to day the trouble on your felfby care and fear, whichbelongs to the time tocome : The bur- den and troubling part by fuch fufferings as you mutt expe&, will come time enough, and a days fence of the fuffering, is enough for one days evil or burden. Preparatorynotice ofdeath and fuffering is ufeful : - But Should we fore- know all theparticular fufferings that are to . come on us, it would but overwhelm us, by an untimely fuffering every day by fear and care of all that which we Should fuller but by little to- lerable parcels, while every day bath its own proportion. CHAP VII. Judge not, that ye be not judged; ,j z. For with what judgment ye judge ye (hall be judged : and with what meafure ye mete, it fhall be meafured to you again. r, x. Make not your felves judges ofother men and their Aetions without ajuft call, and be not cenforious medlers, nor bold Severecon. demners of others without proof, and beyond caulk For otherwifeyou muff look for Severe judgment fromGod, and to be repaidby man, and afed as you ufed others.. 3. And why beholden thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but confidereft not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4..Or howwilt thou fay to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye ; and be- hold a beam is in thine own eye ? 3, 4. So