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Ch. 7. Ch4 reproveth St. Matthew. rafh judgment. Ch. 7. ;, 4. So cehforious arc hypocrites of others, gently and you Mail find, &e. For every one that the mote ofa (mall infirmity or diffent is that asketh in fineerity, and feeketh with dili- fen in their eyes, as if it were Come intolerable gence and conitancy Shalt obtain. thing, which they mutt pluck out (as the Pha- Note, That is, if he pray to God believing lines cenfured Chrift and his Difciples for not his power, and goodnefs, in the name ofChrist, obferving their Ceremonies and Traditions.) ándtrufting in his merits and interceffion, and But if thou know thy felf, may ft thou not find this firft and chiefly for God's glory, and for worfe than this in thy Pelf? (Hach a 'Marilee things fpiritualand everlafting, and for earthly nothing worfe than Non - conformity to his Ce- things as means to thefe ; and if he be earneft, remonies and Traditions?)Howcanft thou think diligentand conftant in fuck askings, reeking his mote of Ceremonial or (mall difference in- andknocking he :hall certainly have grace and tolerable, while thou eafily beareft thy own for- glory, and all outward things to fir as they are mality, magifterial pride and worldly mind, fit for him, and he for them. and other great and deadly fins ? 9. Or what man is there of you, S. Thou hypocrite, firft cart out whom if his fon ask bread, will he the beam out ofthine own eye : and give him a ítone. io. Or if he ask then rhalt thou feeclearly to call out a fifh, will he give him a ferpent ? the moteout of thy brother's eye. r r. If ye then being evil, know how s. Thou hypocrite, firft fee that thou have to give good giftsunto your children; no greater fault thy felt; caft away the beam how much more íltall your Father a of pride, woridlinefs, formality, malignity, Y sdflelhly vice out of thy fetf, and then thou which is in heaven give good things wilt be morecapableto judge ofthy Brother's to them that ask him ? failings, and fitter to reprove him. 9, ro, r t. Do not diftruft God's goodnefs 6. Give not that which is holy un- andwillingnefs to do good : Ali the love thai to the dogs,neither call yeyour pearls is good in you, is but adark from the God of before fwine, left they trample them infinite goodnefs. Therefore if you wouldnot give a Stone tóyour children that ask bread of under their feet, and turn again and you, nor a Serpent to that child that asketh a rent you. Fifh ; and ifyou that are fo bad men, will give 6. And as it is not every one that is fit to good.things, and not evil to your children, O reprove, fo it is not every one that is fit to be how much more abundantly Should you believe reproved, Tho to fèek mensfalvation by teach. your heavenlyFather ready and willing to do ingand reproof, be a work of great moment, good to his children who asso it ofhim, being when it is tiled in feafon, to them that are ca- fitted toreceive it. pable of it ; yet take this rule; pretend notdu- a z. Therefore all things whatfoea ty to teach and reprove, when it's clearly like ver ye would that men Should -do to to do more hurt than good : Some men are you, do ye even fo to them : for this hardened fcorners,andTome fenfelefs negleóters, rs the law and the prophets. and fomehateful perfecutors : To fach as thole, r z. And as you maygather by your own holy counfel, doctrine and reproof, is bat like love to nd what loveGod hash ii caftingSacramental or Confecrated Bread to ou; fo ifyou would wha God over-rule the wife Dogs,or before Swine. To be thus y hearts and athions of men to loveyou and do and righteous over-much, is but the way toperithand berent, or at leaft made a -fcorn you good, fee that you firft love them and do to beaftly men. It is no duty where it is no them good, and that is the molt probable way means to good, yea to greater good than hurt. toobtain it: It is delùéable, that all men do Note, Yet if a flothful hypocrite Stall rally ufe you with loftier and charity : Do you there- cenfure others tobe Dogs and Swine, and de= fore be fure fo to ufe all men: (Not that a man 1perate, to cacao himfelffrom duty and trou- who hurteth himrelf, or would have' another ble, this is but a doubling of his fin. hurt him by temptation or fin, may therefore hurt another. But) be more forward to do good, 7 Ask, and it (hall be given you i than to expedi it from others : and put your reek, and ye Shall find : knock, and fellin their cafe, and do to them, whatever it (hall be opened unto you. 8. For (prudently and juftly) youwould have them do every one that asketh,receiveth i and to you, luppofingtheir cafe and yours were ex- he that feeketh, findéth: and to him changed. that knocketh, it shall be opened. r 3. Éntét ye In at the flrait gate á 7. And to obtain grace and. mercy to your for wide is the gate, and broad ü lelves, true Prayer is God's appointed means. the way that leadeth to deftruktion, Ask of.God .and he will give it you, Peck diii- and many there be which go in { a there.,