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Ch. 9. Chrift eateth with St. Matthew. Publicans and Sinners. Ch.9 . put newwine into old bottles : elfe ruler's houle, and law the mimlrels the bottles break, and the wine run- and the people making a node, nett out, and the bottles perifh : but 24. He Paid unto them, Give place ; they put new wine into new bottles, for the maid is not dead, but fleepeth. and both are preferved. And they laughed him to fcorn. t6, t7. As a piece of new Cloth put on a 23, 24. When he law the Mufick and ftir breach in an old worn Garment, will but make that was mude according to the cuftom about it wider; and new Wine put into old Bottles the dead, he Paid, Give place ; for the death will but break them and be Ipilt: fo if young of the Maid iball be but as a fleep from which Difciples should be put upon ReligiousExercifès 1 will prefently awake her, but they derided unfùitable to their condition, and unfeafonable, him, feting that the was dead indeed. it would do them hurt : And that which would 25. But when the people were put hurt them, by realen of their incapacity, is not forth, he went in, and took her by to be put upon them. N. What their Bottles were then made of, the hand, andthe maid arofe. 26. And that would not hold new Wine when they the fame hereof went abroad into all wer, old, is uncertain. But it's likely they that land. were made ofthe SkinsofGoats, or filchCrea. 2 5. Via. Wherewas the Soul of this Maid tares. (and Lazarus) after death ? i6fiv. When God r8. While he fpake thefe things will tell us we Shall know. unto them, behold, there came a cer- 27. And when Jefus departed tain ruler and worfhipped him, fay- thence, two blind men followed ing, My daughter is even nowdead: him, crying, and faying, Thou Son but come and lay thy hand upon her, of David, have mercy onus. 28. And and íhe /hall live. when he was come ,into the houle, r8. A Ruler of one of their lefferJudicatures the blind men came to him : And or Man name, &c. . N. This Jefus faith unto them, Believe ye that did believe the power of Chrift, becaufe he had experience of his Suc- I am able to do this ? they Paid unto refs : but whether he believed him to be the him, Yea, Lord. 29. Then touched Chrift is uncertain. But it was notable faith, he their eyes, faying, According to tobelieve that he could ral e the dead. your faith be it unto you. 30. And 19. And Jefus arofe, and followed their eyes were opened. him, and fo did his difciples. 27, evc. Note, Them believed Chrift to be 19. They were all defiroas to go fee whe- the Meffiah, tho it's like they knew little of the Cher he could ralle the dead. nature of his Office. Their Faith was their zo. (And behold, a woman which capaéity of a cure. was difeàfed with an iffue of blood And Jefus firaitly charged them, twelveyears, came behind him, and Paying, See that no man know it. touched the hem of his garment. 31. But they, when they were de- 2 T. For flue faid within her Pelf, If I parted, fpread abroad his fame in all may but touch his garment, I /hall that countrey. be whole. az. But Jefus turnedhim 3 °, 3 t. Note, Chrift's command of faience, about, and when he law her, he Paid, was partly to give us an example of avoiding oltentatem and hypocrifie, and to be content Daughter, be of good comfort; thy with the approbation ofGod alone. faith hath made thee whole. And 32. As they went out, behold, the woman was made whole from they brought to him a dumb man, that hour.) poffeffed with a devil. 33. And Note, A belief of Chrilt's power was necef. when the devil was ca$ out, the lacy to their receiving the effeS}s of his power, as a belief of his love and good will, is needful dumb fpake : and the multitudes to our receiving the fpecial fruits of his Love; marvelled, Paying, It was never fo and the belief of his wildom and authority is feen in Ifrael. needfi:l to our obeying him, and receiving his a 2, ;3. Note, His dumbnefs was coaled by Rewards. the Devil's poffe/fton: And it's like he was 23. And when Jefus cameinto the mad alto, 34. But