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Ch. 9. Divers Difeafes St. Matthew. healed. Ch. 9, 34 But the Pharifees faid, He cafl- eth out the devils through the prince of the devils, 3¢. Nate, This was the blafpheming of the Aoly Ghoft : what can convince Men who when they fee all this done, will fay, The Devil doth it? As if Power, and Love, and Government were the Devils work. 2. This Verfe is our of Come Copies: but the fame is in March. ta. The Devils, is teems, have one Monarch. 35. And Jefus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their fynagogues, and preaching thegofpel of the kingdom, and healing every ficknefs, and every difeafe among the people. 35. Nate, r. The Gofpel of the Kingdom, is the glad news that the Kingdomof the MeC- fah was at hand, and what it was: a. Had he fcparated from the Synagogue manner of worship, they had not permitted him ordinarily to preach among them. 3. Chrift that taught us to know falle Prophets by their hurtful. fruits, (their Malice, Cruelty, perfecuting and hurtful Do&rines) doth accordingly juftide his own Million ara! Do`oìrine, by fpeakng and leenggood, all that he did being for Mens own benefit, healing and Caving Souls and Bodies. And the World will judge of Mens pretences by their fruits, when Perfecucors have done their worn. 36. But when he law the multi- tudes, he was moved with compani- on on them, . becaufe they fainted, and were fcattered abroad, as Cheep having no shepherd. 37 Then faith he unto his difciples, The harvefl truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few. 38. Pray ye therefore the Lord ofthe harveft, that he will fend forth labourers into his harveft. ;6. Note, Chrift's Example teacheth Prea daers to companionate a willing multitude when they want fufficient Teachers : and to pray God to fend forth more labourers, when There are too few : and not to give over labour- ing for them themfelvcs,without being utterly disabled, rho Men.forbid them, Someparithes in London have about 70000 Souls, fume 60000, fume 30000, and all the City and Country, and much more, have but one Bi hop : (os Pa- lloras fome (peak) And the Curates or l'rea- chers cannot heheard by above 3000 at once, or thereabouts. C H A P. X. r. A Nd when he had called unto 11 him his twelve difciples, he gave them power againft unclean fpi- rats, to cat} themout, and to heal all manner of ficknefs, and all manner of difeafes. t. And as he bid them pray for more la- bourers, accordingly he chofe twelve, andgave them power to preach and to work Miracles, and do good againft Devils and Difeafes, to confirm their words. n. Now the names of the twelve apoftles are tiefe. The firf}, Simon, who is called Peter, and Andrew his Brother, James the fon of Zebedee, and John his brother. 3. Philip, and liartholomew,Thomas, and Matthew the publican, James the fon of Al. pheus, and Lebbeus, whole furname was Thaddeus. 4. Simon the Cana- anite, andJúdas Ifcariot, who allo be- trayed him. S. Thefe twelveJefus fent forth, and commanded them, faying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not. 6. But go rather to the loft iheep of the houle of Ifrael. Note, r: Peter had a priority, though no Go- vernment over the ref. 2. Lebbeus is Judas that wrote the Epiftleextant, 3. Simon is not called a Canaanite as to Nation, but hisname fignifieth the Zealot, Luke, 6. r5..AEfs 4. Chrift chofe twelve in refpeht to the twelve Tribes of Ifrael, to whole fervice they were firft confined. But when theJews rejected him, and the Gentiles were to be called, he added Paul, to thew that he confined not-theGofpel to the Jews, but the Church nowmolt be Ca- tholick. 5. By the Samaritans is meant thofe that were not of Abraham's feed, but wate fent thither at the tranflation in KingHofea'e_ time: And by the Ifiaelites is meant all Abraham's feed that were chiefly in Judea, but fcattered alío where the twelve Tribes had lived. 7. And as ye go, preach, faying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 7. As ye go, proclaim to them, that the Kingdom of the Meiliah, whom God promifed to fend from Heaven, is now at hand : You may fee the Chrilt Co long expeeted. 8. Heal