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Ch. 12. Cbri/t's kindred. St Matthew. The fewer. Ch. i 3 through dry places, feeking refl, and C H A P. XIII. findeth none. 44, Then he faith, I x. He fame day went Jefus outof will return into my houle from I the houle and fate by the fea whence I came out, and when he is fide. a. And great multitudeswere çome, he findeth it empty, fwept, gathered together unto him, fo that and garnifhed. 45. Then Peril he, he went into a Blip, and fate,.and and taketh with himfelf leven other the whole multitude flood on the f wicked more than hfmfelf, Blare. 3. And he fpakemany things and they enter in and dwell there : unto themin parables,faying, Behold and the lafl flate ofthat man is worfe a Power went forth to fow. than the firfl. Even fo !hall it be al- r, 2, 3. N. Chrift thought a Ship, or a fo unto this wicked generation. Houle, or a mountainnounmeet place to preach 43, 17e. The cafe of this wicked generation in, and yet avoided not the Temple or Syna. is like that of a man that had the Devil calt gogues. 2. They that will have the Word with out ofhire, but being unthank$al, and conti- God's blefling mull follow after it. 3. Simi- nuing in his fin, the Devil (by God's permifl'r- litudeswere firitable to loch learners. 4. Preach. on) pofleffèth him again, and bringeth with ing is like lowing feed. him leven worfe Spirits, and fo his end isworfe 4. And whenhe fowed, fame feeds than he was before he was delivered: So I fell by the ways fide, and the fowls have preached the Gofpel, and calf out Devils in this land ; but berg reje&cd by the obit!" carne and devoured them up. 5. flare Unbtlievers,the Devil will get a worfèpof- fetfrma of tham than that from which I did e- je& him, and theyMall be cut off for their un- belief. 46. While he yet talked to the people, behold, his mother and his brethren flood without, defiring to fpeak with him. 47. Then one faid unto him, behold, thy mother and thy brethren fland without defiring to. fpeak with thee. 48. But he an fwered and Paid unto him that told him, Who is mymot:her ? and who are my brethren? 46, (e, Dolt thou know who they be that I efteem as my Mother and Brethren ? 49. And he Breeched forth his hand towards his difciples, and faid, Behold my mother and my brethren. 5.o. For whofoever fnall do the will ofmy Father which is inheaven, the The fame is my brbther, and filler, andmother. 4g, go. Note, t. Chrift fpake not this to teach men to difhonour Parents, or to lay by natural affe&ion; but to let all know that Re- generation puts men into a more honourable, beloved, and happy relation tohim, than natu- ralgeneration or kindred; 2 . Which is exceed- ing comtbrtfar every true Chriffian. 3. And .diretfioS to us how to love. loch, 4. And a mrrible prngeoftick of the mifery cf trofe that hate and parfecute them. Some fell upon Bony places, where they had not much earth : and forth- with they 1prung up, becaufe they had nodeepnefs of earth : 6. And when the fun was up, they were fcorched ; and becaufe they had not root, they withered away. 7. And force fell among thorns : and the thorns fprung upand choked them. 8. But other fell into good ground, andbrought forthfruit, fonte anhun- dred fold, force fixty fold, force thir- ty fold, g. Who bath ears to hear, let him hear. 4. &e. Note, The firft fort was noc earthed: The fècond fort had little earth and rooting. I he third fort had earth and root, but among thorns which had greater poffeffion, and chok- ed it. OfCo great weight is it to underfrand this difference of hearers, that it is as much as OW ears and undetftandings are worth. t o. And the Difciples came, and Paid unto him, Why fpeakef thou unto them in parables ? r r. He an- fwered and faid unto them, Becaufe it is given unto you to know the my- fleries of the kingdom ofheaven, but to them it is not given. to, tr. Becaufe tho God bath given you Comeknowledge already of the myfteries ofthe kingdom of the MefIah, thefe men are igno- rant like Children, and mar be taught by fa- miliar Gmilimdes accordingly, being yet once- pable ofother manner of reaching. 12, For