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Ch. 12. Awicked heart. St. Matthew. Rejecting Cfari , Ch. 12; Power which I work by, by the Works : Ifit. furvive, God who hath made a Law for thy be no good work to heal the Sick, and Blind, words ( and works) will judge thee bÿ that and Larne, and caft out Devils, and preachRe-. Law, as juftified and rewardable, or as unjuft pentance and Forgivenefs of fin, to convert and punifhable, in the day of Judgment. and fave Souls, then God is not the Author of Chrift bath not made us lawlefs, nor made us them. If they be bad works, they have a bad a Law (of Grace) in vain : Ho man (hall be CauCe ; If they be good works they have a Paved that is not juftinablo again(} the accrk good Author: either fay plainly (you that a- ration; that he lived and died an impenirenr ran_ (tribe them to the Devil) that the works are godly man, any more than ifhe had died an in. good, and theDevil is good: or elfe that the fidel. Devil is bad, and the works are bad , Or if 38. Then certain of the Scribes, you confers the works tobe good, confers that and of the Pharifees anfwered, fay. they are done by the Spirit ofGod, ing, we would fee a fi ti 34. O generation of vipers, how from thee. g can ye, being evil, fpeak good al. we would fee Come certain fign from thins ? for out of the abundance of g g Heaven, that indeed God doth own thee and the heart the mouth fpeaketh. thy word. 34. I need go no further for an inftance 39. But he anfwered and faid to than your £elves, were younot a Generation them, An evil and adulterous ge- of Vipers, the Serpent's Seed, ye would not neration feeketh after a fî n, and blafpheme the Holy Ghoft and his Works for g your Mouths fpeak out of the evil of which there fhall no fign be given to ir, your Heart is full : As you are, fo you (Peak ; but the fign of the prophet Jonas. you are Co bad that you cannot (peak well: 40. For as Jonas was three days and And if I work'd by the Devil, my works three nights in the whale's. bell : fo would be bad as the Devil is, Y 35. A good Manout of the good fhall the Son ofman be three days treafure of the heart, bringeth forth and three nights in the heart of the good things : and an evil man out earth. of the evil treafure bringeth forth 39.40. A falte-hearted People that will not be convinced by Miracles, but afcribe them to' evil things. the Devil, yet would have a ligo from Heaven. 3 s. Good men are filch, firlt at the Heart, oftheir own chafing : But God will not gra. where goodnefs is a Celled habit and nature, tille their infolent demand : They (hall haven() and out of this treafure they bring forth good fignbut thatof Yonas, who was a Type ofme, words and deeds : And :a bad man being luth lying in the Whale', Belly three days and_nights at the Heart, doth (peak and do accordingly. (as I Eaall part of three days) N,re, Tho' Hypocrites may have words and 4 r. The men of Nineveh (half deeds much better than their Hearts, that is, rife in judgment with this generati- but;in Come by inftances,and not in the tenor on, and fhall condemn it,' becaufe oftheir Lives : Fiaions are narrow and loon o- vercome. they repentedat the preachingof o- 36. But I fay unto you, That nas, and behold, a greater thanJonas every idle word that men (hall fpeak, is here. 42. The queen ofthe fouth they (hall give account thereof in the (hall rife up in judgement with this day of judgement. generation, and fhall condemn it i 36. And think not lightly of your belying for fhe came from the uttermoft and blafpheming the Holy Ghoft s for I tell parts ofthe earth tohear thewifdonz you, that for every Lye you (hall give account of Solomon, and behold, a greater in the day ofJudgment, and be condemned if you be not proved penitent believers. thanSolomon is here. N. HI the Hebrews ufe, Idle and Pain were 4 t, 42. Nineveh repented at a far left warn, taken fordeceitful, falC, or lying. ing and convincing means, than the Miracles 37. For by thy words thou íhalt and Words of the Mefliah fent from heaven: be juíti(ìed; and by thy words thou And the Queen of the South came from a far, land, to hear the wifdom ofSolomon; but theta (halt be condemned. then defpife a far greater than Solomon, thefet 37. For (the thou muff be made and ac- therefore fhall condemn them, counted by God, a juL man, by thy inward change, and thy forgivenefs, in order before 4j. When the unclean fpiút is thy words or works, yet) ibppofrog, that ;boa gone eilt of a man, he walketli D through