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Ch. I: Johnwrites to the Revelation. Seven Churches Of fiá. Ch.í Nate, -1. That it is Angels (andnot the Holy all and only the civil Metropolitical Cities of Ghoft's (-even Graces) that is here meant, is .Ara. after nianifefted. 3. Both there then being mens .unproved 2. Why they are call'd Seven, fonte fay is, Ímaginations, yea, and unlikely, it remaineth becaufe Sevengoeth for amamberofperfeaioa, thatthefe feven Churches were ntoff eminent whence the fven Planets, die fevendays of in .Ara, both forgreatnefi, and thofe tryalsl week, &e. but this is butniens conceit, and no virtues and faults which Chrift was pleated r , pert ofGod's'Word. Ñor can we prove hence, note, as the occafonofthisMeffage; And if that-God bath fet levee Angels above all the he fee cattle to fend a Mcflitge to leven, it be- reft ;tut all that we can know of it is, that longs not to us to ask him why he 'fendeth to yohn:b ing commanded to weite'm fevenChue- no more, ches, numbereth the Guardian Angels actor- 5. And from )efus Chrift, who is dingly.from .their charges. the faithful uyitnefs, and the firft be- 3. This is no Prayer to theft Angels, but a gotten of the dead, Ind the prince o notice that God's Merciesare communicatedto thofeChurches by their Minittìy, and this met, the kings of the earth : Page lent by them fromChrift. 5 Note, r. By (Pitiful witnef5 7 is meant, 4. The naming of the leven Spirits before the faithful and certain meffenger and revealer Chrift, is no preferring them as above him ; of God's Will to man : 2. By t frft begotten but Chrift is after namd, *ante much more is meant, both the Greateft and moft Excellent, is to. be Paid there of him together. end the firft in order and cafuality, who riling 5. Why fevenChurchesonly are nam'd,men, fom the dead, is the cattle that we !hall rife. varioufly conjeaure ; fonte fay, becaufe they 3 He is Prince of the Kings of the Earth, not are (pokenof prophetically, as in their names only as greater than all Kings,bitt as over then feven.States of the Unigerf l Church, or its, all in Power, by whom they reign, and who notable parts, to the end, are fignified. But this doth difpofe ofall, 'Fib. 2. 23. March- 28. 19. (being impofl>ble to be prowd) is rather to pr-e- Yoh: 57. 2. yob. r s. 3. fah- a. 22. kph. 1.2 t. tend another Revelation, than to expound this. Col. r. 15,16,17. Phil. 2. 9, ro, i 1. Others laj, that it being only the Pro-ConJular 5. Unto him that loved us, and .Aga that phi, wttto to, there leven being the walled us from our fins in his own Metropolitan City Churches, did comprehend blood, 6. And hath made us kings and all the reft, as parts tinder them. But, I. This o g alfo is but a humane Imagination, without any riefts unto Gbd and his Father ï to proof. 2. If they meant that there were then him be glory and dominion for ever madeEcclefiádical Metropolis's, it's a Fietion and ever. Amen. without and against Hiftorical Evidence, which '5; 6. Tothis glorious Lord and Savieur,who tells iases. a fir date of Metropolitical lhew'd.his wonderful Love to u, by his giving me- Metropolis's 3. If-they mean, that they were ü itimlelf a Sacrifice for our Sins, ;thetthe ' only in a civil faire, and that the p' .Apathies, in planting Churches there, purpofed Tit of his Blood might.deanfe us from Guilt 'and Sin, and ji tar :ordaild that afterwards Church-power atifie os: front it before God, itould follow the Order of the Seats. of Civil and who hash chofen and tauaih<d us, -and Power. ]Ianfwer, 1. That this is a crude un_ `made us by his Grace a peculiar holy People to ptotiii'Affertion, and therefore ofno analoi% God, dignified in our Relation to Chrift as ty or credit- 2. And it's known, that it was Kings in honour, and brought na near to God fourtltundred years after that this was decreed like confecrared Friel s, to oar htit our daily ,Service bybCouncilasanewthing 3. And this was acceptable through ChriR: Tohim, I Yorñht di'om'bding Apoftolical, thatit con£oun- fay, Mall be Glory and Dominion for ever, in -d elahe- Church felting in fuperiority the warft the acknowledgment whereof let allhis Saints Mien that -bat get into a Metropolis, and 'joke' p string all Biftops andChurches at prefent un_ 7, Behold, he cometh with clouds, der the power of the People and Presbyters of and every eye (hall fee him, and they 'oneCity, which was a- Metropolis, and thole -alto which pierced him, and all kin- their ownBishop : Yea, Dr-. Hammond thought dred s of the earth 'ball wail becaule of that then noBiff p laud any :Presbyters under ;ham,: atad fo therewere none but his People to -him : even fo, Amen. ,chuk him,, (for the Neighboar.EifbopJtidnot, 7. I have often before enquir'd, whether `fhoethey os dain'd him) : iyOa, it turneth Chur- this coming ofChtift be, r. his comingby the ches uplde down,at the will ofevery Emperor, RamanArmies to deftray yerufalem ; 2. Or his '4lethën;ìInfidel,orChriftian,-who can cadian- fettingupChriftianityin the World, and de- -chile or disfranchife Cities at his pleaGtre. ftroyirgHeathenifin 3. Or Isis coming at laft '4. And there is. no proof that there feven were in Glory. The matter is true as to all the three :