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Ch. s. John writes to the Revelation: Seven churchesofAfia. Ch.ì them all, (and not to ufe any violent or hart.. ful courlè.) And your (elves muft hate and avoid all degrees of filthinefs and fenfualìty. 24. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to prefent you faultlêfs before the pretence of his glory with exceeding joy. 2 3. To the only wife God our Saviour, be glory and majefly , dominion and power, now and ever. Amen. 24, us. Now to him who is able in all Temptations, notwithftanding your ownweak- nefs, to keep you fedfaft in Faith and Holi- nefs, from falling into the flares of HereBe or Ungodlinefs, and to prefent ou faultlefs (as being faithful and upright, andyour fins forgi- ven) before the prefnce of his Glory at his coming, that you may fee him, and (land be- fore him with exceeding joy, (when the wic- ked are condemned) I fay, to him the only God of Infinite Wifdom, to our Saviour, be Glory,and Majefty,and Dominion, and Power, now andever ; fo it will certainly be, andfilch is the Prayer ()fall the Faithful. The REVELATION C H A P. L r. THE revelation of Jefus Chrift, whichGod gave unto him, to thew unto his fervants things which mutt fhortly come topafs; and he fent and lignified it by his angel unto his fervant John : 1. 1t to r. It is eminently call's' the Revela- tion, as being by Vifionand Prophetick notice an.extraordinary Revelation of future things. 2. Reza well obferveth hence the Order of God's Revelation to his Church. Fidi, God himfelf is the Fountain, he revealeth it to our 'Mediator, as Man, (who knoweth all things as God) that according to his Office he may be the Light andTeacher to his Church. ChefJI revgaleth it to Angels ; the Holy Ghoft and Angels reveal it toApo(lles and Prophets ; they reveal and record it to the Church, where all -Mutt learn it, but efpecially Teachers, to tell it to the People. ' 'q. It is things to come thatare herereveaI'd, therefore I cannot receive thofe two learned teens - Expofition, who make it a Pillory in a Prophettck Bile, and fay, that molt, or very much of it, was done before it waswritten. 4. Thp word f/hardy] made them expound aimed the whole Book of things all fulfill'd 'about Conflanrine'stime, or prefendy after ..Ala- rimes lackingof Rome. But [ Mayfly] may fiv nifie no more than, I. That thefe things will shortly be begun, tho' not fo quickly finiih'd; and, 2 Thst a rhoufand years is with the Lord but as one day. But I confefs that fo much as can he prov'd already done, we mutt not feign rö be yet to come. s. It is moB like er t this7thn was the Apo- Ble but it's not certain. of St. JOHN the Divine. 2; Who bare record of the wordof God, and of the teftimony of Jefus Chrift, and of all things that he faw. 2. Who by this writing truly telleth the Churches, what Chrift by his Angel told hint, as a faithful witnefs of Christ, and of all that he taw and heard inthis vifionand Revelation ; fome things that then were may be mention'd, tointroduce the Prophecyofthings to come. 3. Bleffed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this pro- phecy, and keep thofe things which are written therein, for the time is at hand. 3. Note ; It is a deferable thing, and an ad.. ditiou to thatman's wifdom and happínefs who nnderftandeth this and all other Scripture-pro- phecies ; but this concludeth not that no other are bleffed, or that many attain that degreeof kappineß (for I think I never knew one fach) but the neceffary parts of Chriftianity, which are in this Prophecy mixt withdarker pasfagee, all must keep that will be bleffed. 2. The time oftheir beginning was at hand, and the end not far off. 4. John to the feven churches in Afia, Grace beunto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come, and from the feven fpirits which are before his throne. 4. IJohn fend you this holy Greeting and Benedwrtton, Grace and Peace ( the greate& Blesfings) be to you from the Eternal God,and thofe .Angels whom he hath made your fpecial Guardians_ Note