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Ch. i 8,T'he unkind Servant. St. Matthew. OfDivorcement. Ch. z9 fufpend the execution ofpuni(hment (with fuck one fleíh. What therefore God an offer) and togive him time, eafe and mercy, hath joyned together, let not man` who deferved to be all that time in hell, is a put afunder. degree of a&ual forgivenefs': for to forgive 4 d?c. Look tothe Original, and you IA the fin, is to forgive the punifhment; andbad find that God made them one Male and one then have much defervnent here forgiven Female, and by the Law ofConjugality, united them, which they deferved. unbelief And both thefe them for Procreation and Converfe as into may be reverted by mens and fin. One ; the rehtive Union being likened to a 3, Whether the fins ofInfants pardoned in natural Union of the Parts of one Body: and itì mayreturn in guilt by covenant-break- that fo nearly, that on this account Father and ing; or any other that have not confirming Mother were to be left for a defer Union with grace, but fuck as ..:!dam and the Angels had a Wife. Therefore do not you feparate that and loft, is a controverfre that is yet undecided which God bath fo nearly united. am. ibians. They fá unto him, Why did 4. But were perferverance never fo lure e. 7 Y ventually, yet if the tenor of the Covenant Mofes then command to give a. wri- Pardon and Salvation are given on condition ting of divorcement, and to, put her And God may well fay, Ifyou perform not the condition, you fhail yet petals. That by this warning they may be moved to perform it And Mould pardoned Sin beunpardoned again, it would beno change inGod, nor in his word, but in man. He that faith. The faithful !hall be accepted, and the unfaithful peril'', chang- eth not if any Should peri(h by unbelief; God and his word are bill the fame. And forgiving others, is part of the condition ofour continu- ed forgivenefs. CHAP. XIX. a. Nd it came to pats , that A when Jefus had finified thefe fayings, he departed from Galilee, and came into the coafts ofJudea beyond Jordan a. And great multitudes followed him, and he healed them there. 3. The Pharifees alfo came unto him, tempting him, and Paying unto him, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every caufe. r, dye. When Chrift hod dons long preach- ed in his own country vihere he dwelt, Ihr off from {erufalem, he drewnearer it into yu- dea,and therealfo multitudes flocked after him s and the Pharifees attempted by queftions to enfnare him, (re. 4- And he anfwered and raid un- to them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning, made them male and female? S. And faid, For this caufe ¡hall a man leave father and mother, and ¡hall cleave to his wife r and they twain ¡hall be one flelh. 6. Where- fore they are no more twain but away? 7. They thought to take advantage by this againft him, as contradicting Maft's Law, and aid, 6-e. 8. He faith unto them, Mores, becaufe of the hardnefs of your hearts, fuffered you to put away your wives : but from the begin ing it was not fo. 8. You miftake a permiffion for a com- mand : your Fathers were an ignorant dull un- ruly fort of People, and Mofes was put to make but filch Laws as they could bear e Therefore he permitted putting away, but only commanded that they Should not do it without a Bill of Divorcement. 9. And I fay unto you, Whofo- ever ¡hall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and ¡hall marry another, committeth adultery : and whofo marrieth her which is put a- way, Both commit adultery. 9. Note, t. The Fornication mull be proved and not only fufpe&ed, 2. Ir mutt be Forni- cation fnce Marriage. 3. A Man is not cam= mended for this to put her away, and nor for- give it, ifthere be reafon for it, but only per- mitted. g. In Common-wealths the Magi- orate muff be judge, for publick fafety. 5. The Woman is not fo fitly faid to put away her Husband ; but by the Magifirate may have the fame remedy of a Divorce when the cloth define it. np. His Difciples fay unto him, If the cafe of a man be fo with his wife, itis not good to marry. to. Then the danger and mifery of unfuit- able marriage is fo great, that it is better never marry. u. But he faid unto them, All 3 men