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Ch. t9.OfDivorcement. St.Matthe men cannot receive this laying, fave they to whom it is given. at He laid, Men mutt not avoid a leffer evil by a greater: Come mens Temperament, and fame mensCondition in the World, make Marriage neceffary to them. All have not the Gift of Chaftity. ea. For there are fome eunuchs, which were fo born from their mo- thers womb : and there are fome eunuchs which were made eunuchs of men : and there be eunuchs, which have made themfelves eu- nuchs for the kingdom of heaven's fake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it, t a. There are Come unapt for congers with Women, who were born fo: And fome are made fo by Men, by Caftration : And fóme have made themfeives fuck, that they might she better avoid all venerous Temptations. He that is able to live in a continent fingle life, without greater hurt, let him do its but all cannot. a 3. Then were there brought un- to him little children, that he fhould put his hands on them, and pray : and the difciples rebuked them. 14. But Jefus fitid, Suffer little chil- dren, and forbid them not to come unto ene: for of fuch is the king- dom of heaven. 1.1. 14. Some brought their Children to him that he would lay his hands on them and ble6 them according to their infant Capacity : and the Dilèiples chid them away, thinking fuch Company below him : But Jefus laid, Hinder them not, and forbid not little Children to come or be brought to me: For I tellyou, that it is not the felfconceitedly wife, but chofe that ate as ready to learn and be ruled as filch Children are, that yet- let not their wit and will againft Ínftru&ion, but are as it werebeginning the World, that willmakeup theChriftian Church. r g. And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence. u s. 9,ss. But why didhe not Baptize them ? ....infra. He Baptized few of the Aged yet that believed, and that Baptifm which he ufed, wasbut little differing fromSoh» s, till after his Aefurre&ion the Chriftian Baptifm was not fully inftituted, as the entranceinto his Gofpel- Church. r6. And behold one came andPaid unto him, Good Mailer, what good thing fhall I do that I may have e- ternal life? w. Chrilt rcceiveth cbildren.Ch, rg. 16. Nate, t. It was then taken for granted, except by the Sadduces, that an eternal life of happinelè was to be attained. 2. And that well-doing on Mans pare, was the way toattain it. 17. And he laid unto him, Why fallelt thoume good ? there is none good but one, that is God : but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. 17. Thou knoweft not how great a word thou fpeakeft of me, when thou calleft me Good: Goodn f is God's Name and .Attribute : There is none E,ntially, .Abfolutely and mil perfetily Good but God. But if thou wilt enter into life keep God's commandments. r8. He faith unto him, Which? Jefus faid, thou (halt do no murder, Thou fhalt not commit adultery, Thou (halt not fleal, Thou (halt not bear falfe witnefs. r9. Honour thy father and thy mother,and,Thou (halt love thy neighbour as thy felf. r 8,19. Note, Chrift knew the order of the commandments s but named the Fifth and the Tenth by themfelvcs , as being of 1pecial note ; the Fifth for Government it felt, and the Ninth the fummary of the SecondTa- ble. For, Thou fhalt love thy Neighbour as thy Pelf, is that which is meant by, non fóala not covet thy Neighboxrs, &c. that is, not by fell'. love want love to him, and draw from him to thy felt, or oppofe his good. 2o. The young man faith unto. him, All thefe things have I kept from my youth up : what lack I yet ? 20. Note, No doubt but he had broken thefe commands, efpecially the laft : but he judged by his freedom from the grofs atis of an. Jefus Paid unto him, If thou wilt be perfea, go and fell that thou haft, and giveto the poor, and thou (halt have treafure in heaven : and come and follow me. 21. Jefus Paid, the Bare of Chrillianity, or Qtalifcation for Salvation, is this, refolvedly and practically, to prefer Heaven, before all the leofperity of this World, fo as to part with All, for Heaven, when thou art called to it : Therefore I will now try thee, whe- ther thou canft do this : Go fell all and give to the poor, and follow me, and take the hopes of a Treafssre in Heaven, inftead of all. 42. $ut- when the young man heard