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Ch. zz. Marriagefeaff. St. Matthew. Weddinggarment. Ch. 22: bidden, Behold, Ihave prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: comeunto the marriage. 4. Chrilt's Minifters are oft to invite men, and importune them to come in , and to tell them that Chrift and his merits are fufficient for them, and alliá readyand done on his part, preparatory to their belief, reception and con- lint : they fhall not perilh for want of a fuffi- dent facrifice. -. But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, a- nother to his merchandife: 6. And the remnant took his fervants, and entreated them fpitefully and flew them. 5, 6. Note, As did the Jews, fo do many o- thers, make light of thrift, and all his off, re of Grace and Glory, and mind more their Farms and Merchandize, their worldly interest and profperity. Andothers morewicked than they do perfecute thofe that would convert and fave them. O odious untharkfulnefs, thus to re- quite the greatest offers of Chrift and his fer- vents 7. But, when the king heard there- of, he was wroth : andhe fent forth his armies, and deftroyed thofe mur derers, and burnt up their city. 7. Note, So did God lend the Romans to deftroy the Jews and burn Jerufalem ; and }lath often plagued Perfecutors ; and the dayof revenge will come. 8. Then faith he to his fervants, The wedding is ready, but they which were biddenwere not worthy. g. Go ye therefore into the high- ways, and as many as ye íhall find, bid to the marriage. 8, y. All was ready on Christ's part, but the Jews unworthily rejected him. Go call all the Gentiles that willcome. Io. So thofe fervants wentout in- to the high-ways, and gathered toge- ther all as manyas they found; both bad and good : and the wedding was furnifhed withguefts. I o. So theGofpel was preached to the Gen- tiles ofall forts, and high and low came into the Church. I 1.And when thekingcame in to fee the guefts, he faw there a man which had not on a wedding-garment : 12. And he faith unto him, Friend, how cameft thou in hither, not ha- ving a wedding-garment? and he was fpeechlefs. II, 12. N. Among the Jews the Marriages ofrich men were felemniz'd with extraordina- ty pomp and feafting ; and by the Wedding of Fetlival Garment, is meant, true Faith and Re- pentance. N. I. Though all mull be called in to the Church, it is meant that they come as Chriftians indeed , with true Faithand Re- pentance, and dithonour not the Church by worldly common hearts and lives. 2. God will find out every Hypocrite in the Church. g. None will bemore unescufable.and fpeech- lefs inJudgment, than ungodly Hypocrites cal- led Chriftians, that live wickedly. 4. It is not the Minister that called fuch, nor the com- pany that joined with them, thacare blamed. 13. Then faid the king to the fer- vants Bind him hand and foot, and take him away,and caft him into our ter darknefs: there (hall be weeping and gnafhingofteeth. a 3. Note, As iris a doublefin to be ungodly after Baptifm, and in the Church, difhonour- ing the Christian Name, fofuch shall havegrea- ter punishment than ignorant Infidels. 1,}. For many are called, but few are chofen. a q. For thofe that are Baptized and called Chriftians are many, but tholè that have true faith and repentance and godlinefs, and¡hall be faved, are few. r ç. Then went the pharifees, and took counfel how they might in- tangle him in his talk. r s. Themalici, us Pharifees confulted how to get fome words from him, for which they might accule him. 16. And they fent out unto him their difciples, with the Herodians, faying, Mafter, we know that thou art true, and teacheft the wayofGod in truth, neither caret} thou for any man : for thou regardeft not the perfon of men. 17. Tell us there- fore what thinkeft thou ? Is it law- ful to give tribute unto Cefar, or not ? si, r7. There were then two parties among the Jews : The KingFlerod's Party, who were for giving tribute to theRomans, and the Pha- rifeesParty that were againft. the right of it, And they fought to infnare Chrift, faying, It is the part ofa Prophet not to fear man how great Meyer, but plainly to (peak the truth; and we know thou art loch an One: Therefore tell us, eye Note, That the Jews fell under the Roman Power,