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Ch. 2 F. Gofyel St. Mat the Grapes in, and building a Tower, is a let. ring up or buildinga Lodge or Dwelling for the Workmen. 3g. And when the time of the fruit drew near, he feet his fervants to the husbandmen, that they might receive the fruits ofit. 34. God required the fruit of all his teach- ings, and mercies to the yews. 3g. And the husbandmen took his fervants, and beat one, and killed a- nother, and floned another. 36. A- gain, he fent other fervants mo then the firfd: and they did unto them likewife. 35, 36 They perfecuted and murdered the Prophets, Age after Age, and yet feemed to honour Prophets. 37. But tall ofall, he fent unto them his fon, faying, They will re- verence my fon. 37 N. Thislothnot mean, thatGod thought fo,and was mi./taken ; but fpeaking after the mannerofMen, tells them, what hemight re- quire in reafon of them. 3b. But when the husbandmen faw the fon, they Paid among them- (elves, This is the heir, come, letus kill him, and let us feife onhis inhe- ritance. 39. And they caught bim, and call him out of the vineyard, and flew bèm. 38, 39. Note, This meaneth not, that the Yews reckon him to be the Son of God, but might and fhould have known ir. ga. When the Lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto thofe husbandmen? 40. They fayunto him, He will mifera isly deflroy thofe wicked men, and will let out bis vineyard unto other husbandmen, which fhall render him the fruits in their feafons. 40, 4.1. Thus God will deliroy the Murde- rous yen's, and call the Gentiles. N. Doke reciteth thefe wordsas Chrift',, and tells us, That theGrandees faid, Godfarbid. It's like they contented to ir, till they heard it ap- plied to themfelves a and then laid, God f rbid. 42,. Jefus faithunto them, Did ye never read in thefcriptures,The lone which the builders releéted, the fame isbecome the head of the corner : this isthe Lord's doing, and it is marve- lous in our eyes ? thew. rejetlers. Ch. 22 42. Note, Tho' this was fpoken Pfal, rat: immediately of David, it ultimately meant Chrift,who fhould be the Foundation andHead ofthe Church, when the yews had crucified' him. 43 Therefore fay I untoyou,The kingdom ofGod (hall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. 43. I. tell you this doleful Truth, You that boafted of your peculiarity and hopes of the Kingdom of the Meßah, tall be deprived of it for your Sins and it fhall be given to the Gentiles who will better entertain it, and obey it, and be thankful for it. 44. And whofoever fhall fall on this (lone, fhall be broken : but on whomfoever it fhall fall, it will grind him to powder. 44. Bare Unbeliefof filch as bumble at the Croft, or turn away fromChrift, through of. fence and temptation, will undo all that con- tinue in it : But to thofe that proveMalignant Enemies, and fight agalnftChrift, he will be as a Stone, too heavy for him that takethit up to call away, which will All upon them, to their greater deftruêcion. 45. And when the chief priefts and pharifees had heard his parables, theyperceived that he fpake of them. 46. But when they fought to lay hands on him, they feared the mul- titude,. becaufe they took him for a prophet. 45, 46. N. T. Perfonal clofe reproofs, and denunciation of God's Judgments enraged hardened Sinners, 2. The yews that applaud- ed Chrift, thought ir no Sedition to defend a Prophet againft their high l rieft and Rulers, who for fear of them, durst not openly take Chrift. CHAP. XXII. a. ANd Jefus anfwered, and fpake ! I: unto them again by parables, and faid, a. The kingdom of hea- ven is likeunto a certain king which made amarriage for his fon, 3. And fent forth his fervants to call them that were bidden to the wedding and they would not come. I, 2, 3. The callingofmen intothe Church, is like a King's inviting Guel}s to his Son's Marriage Featt, that would not come. 4. Again he fent forth other fer- vants, faying, Tell them which are bide