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Ch. 22. O fThe St. Matthew: Refurreaion. Ch. ii, that which was fpoken unto you by God, faying, 32. I am the God of Abraham, and theGod of Ifaac, and theGodofJocob ? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. 31, 3n. That there is a life after this, is proved by God's words : I am the God, dre. That God is their God, implieth that they are hispeople, and therefore live : For to be Their God, is to betheir Ruler and their BenefaEtor, and felicity s a relation.which thedead are not capable of. And it is not Paid, I was their God, but, t am their God. And if,Abraham, ere. be alive, fo are the fouls (Sather men; and as they dye not with the body, but live with Spi. Kits, fo they are capable of a Spiritual Body which God will give them. Note, It is wellnoted by pr. Hammond, that as theSadducees denied not only the riling of the Body, but the immortality of theSoul, and all our life after this ¡ fo it Was this future life which theyhere meant, and Chrift doth prove out of the books which they received : And that eiydgttmç lignifies not only the Refur. reltion of the Body, but our living after this life, when the body is dead., And if the Soul were notimmortal, there could be no re- furredion of the fame man : Another Soul would be another man imbodied: And God loth not make new Souls to be rewarded or punilhed for thatwhich they never did. 33 .And when the multitude heard this, they were aftonifhed at his do- dtrine. 34. But when the Pharifees had heard that he had put the Sadduces to filence, they were gathered together. 3 5. Then one of them which was a lawyer, askedhim a queftion, tempt- ing him, and faying, 36. Mailer, which is the great commandment in the law ? "33, ere. Totry whetherthey could pofehim, or enfnarehim in his anfwer,one ask'd this que- ftion. 37. Jefus faid unto him, Thou fhalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy foul, and with all thy mind. 3 8. This is the firft and great commandment. 39 And the fecond is like unto it, Thou íhalt love thy neighbour as thy felt. 37, ere. Note, r. Heart, Soul, and Mind, teem to mean but wholly with all thy power; Thu' we maydiftinguifh them, as meaning the faculties, V,t41, Sunpipe and pnte/leattal molt be to God ; Or as Tomefay, The Will, AffeEtions,and Underflanding. 2. Chrift tells us ofa great difference between God's com- mands: Thefe twoare great above the reft. 40. On thefe twocommandments hangall the law and the prophets. 40. Thefe two are the very fum and end of all that is fàid in the Law and by the Prophets. Love comprehends all. 4r. While the Pharifees were ga- thered together, Jefus asked them, 42. Saying, What think ye ofChrift ? whofe fon is he ? They fay unto him, The fen of David. 43. He faith unto them, How then doth David in fpi- rit call him Lord, faying , 44. The LORD faid unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, till I make thine enemies thy footftool ? 45. If David thencall him Lord,how is he his fon ? 46. And no man was able to anfwer him a word, neither durst any man (from that day forth) ask him any mo queftions. 4r, ere. Note, They knew not that Chsift . mutt be the Sosa of God. They seated their tempting queftions when they found them-. (elves but filenced, C H A P. XXIII. 1.7"Hen fpake Jefus to the multi- tude, and to his difciples, z Saying, The fcribes and the phati- fees fit inMofes's feat. 3. All there- fore whatfoever they bid you ob- ferve, that obferve and do ; but do not ye after their works : for they fay, and do not. a, z, 3. The Scribes and Pharifees when they readand expound Mofislaw, do a work appointed ofGod ; therefore (thoughyou 'mat bewareof the leaven of theircorrupt expofition, yet) hear the Law which they read, and do all which they commandyou out ofthe Law : But imitate not their linful praótices for they live not according to Mnfss Law which they de- liver. 4. For they bind heavy burdens, and grievous to be born, and lay them on mens íhoulders, but they themfelves will not trove themwith one of their fingers. 4. It is Salle to preach ftriály, -but not to live fo : They preach the rig:;ur of the Lau', but keep it nor. 5. But