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Ch. a3... Pharifees St. Matthew. Pride. Ch. z;. 5. But all their works they do, for dows houles, and for a pretence make to be feen of men.: they make broad long prayers; therefore ye /hall re- their phylafteriesy and enlarge the ceive the greater damnation. borders of their Garments, 6. And 14. You are unmerciful, covetous, and op. love the uppermoil rooms at feafls, prefl urs, aGthink your long prayers will and the chief feats in the fynagogues, vu, Were they extemporary Prayer,, or 7. And greetings in the markets, longLiturgies and forms? .Ao:fw. if the for. and tobe calledof men, Rabbi, Rabbi. s, 6, 7. They place their Religion in out- ward ceremonies and a&ions of the body, which man can fee : They write out the Law in Rolls, and wear them like a chain, and make broad the borders oftheir Garments, as Mont,. ?s: 38. Duo, 22. 12. And affe& prehemi. Dente, great names and applaufe. 8. But be not ye called Rabbi :for one is your mailer, even Chrif, and all ye arebrethren. 8. Do not you affe& thefe titles ofreverence, fuch as Do&or, orany that giveth too much to man. 9. And call no man your father upon the earth : for one is your fa- ther which is in heaven. 9. And callnone in excel ofreverence, the Father of your Religion: For Godonly is fuch a Father. so. Neither be ye called mailers : for one is your mailer, even Chrifl. ro. And affe& not the Title of Matters in Religion; for youare all Scholars to your Ma- fter Chrift. r r. But he that is greateft among you, íhall be your fervant. r 2., And whofever (hall exalt himfelf, thall be abafed, and he that thall humble him- mer, the Pharilees had more of the gift ofut. terance than Chrift's Difciples then. But no doubt but they were long Liturgies or Forms; for elfe they were not fuitable to the times, or the chara&er of the Pharifees , who were Church. Rulers, and all for tradition, and ce- remony, and outfide : And'yet Chrift blameth not the Forms, or the length, but their hy. pocrifie and oppreffing cruelty. Only good is fit to cover evil. r 5. Wo unto you fcribes and pha- iifees, hypocrites : for ye compafs fea and land to make one profelyte : and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than your felves. is. Yeare very diligent to convert men to your Religion, and make them more guilty and more fierce againft Chriftians, than your felves. 16. Wo unto you ye blind guides, which fay, Who,mever Ihall fwear by the temple, it is nothing but whofoever shall fwear by the gold of the temple, he is a debter. 16. By a foolish diftinFion you feigna man not bound to keep his oath, nor guilty if he break it, who fwearethby the Temple; and yet fay he is bound that fweareth by thegold felf, shall be exalted. of the Temple, as more holy. t r, r2, Churchgceotnefs and dignity con- 17. Ye fools, andblind :. for wlie- fsfteth in being molt greatly ferviceable : But then is greater, thegold, or the tem- ifyouaffe& domination and preferment, you pie that fanélifyeth the gold ? !hall be abafed : and he that humbleth himfelf 17. Is nor the Temple confècrated to God shall beaccounted the chiefby God, and sled before ks Gold, which is but an accident to accordingly. the Temple ? r3. But wo unto you fcribes and 18. And whofoever íhall fwear by pharifees, hypocrites ; for ye íhutup the altar, it is nothing : but who- the kingdom ofheaven againft men: foever fweareth by the gift that is for ye neither go in yourfelves, nei- uponir, he is guilty. 19. Ye fools, ther fuller ye them that -are entring, and blind : for whether is greater, to go in. - the gift, or the altar that fanE`iifieth xs. You keep men frombelieving that they the gift ? might be fatted; pretending to be Matters and 18.19. Is not the Altar con&crated before Teachers ofthe Law, you pervert it, and hat- the Gift, on which the gift mutt be offered if den your felves inUnbelief, and are againft o- thers preaching the Gofpel and believing ir. eonfecrated? emu, Doh not Chq Gene era]; hie own Law, 14. Wo unto you fcribes and pha- by tailing them Fools andBlindI .Anfw. No : it tines, hypocrites : for ye devour wl- is railing and reproach by venting hurtful ptf- fion