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Ch. 2E. S1udarfrew6rrmed. St. Matthew. neLoar Supper. Ch.26. mens evil, extenuateth not mens fin or punifh- tnent ; the efcaping of a Greater evil, is here ,called [Good) not init [elf, but to that Man. 25. Then Judas which betrayed him, anfwered and Paid, Mafler, is it I ? He faid unto him, Thou haft laid. 25. N. yud,u wasbefore refolved and hard- ened ; fo that this notice did not flophim from the fin. 26. And as they were eating je- fus tookbread, and bletred it, and brake it, and gave it to the difciples, and faid, Take, eat ; this is my bo- dy. 26. N. r. This bread was unleavened, and part of the Paffover. 2. The blegiug it, was the feparating it to this holy ufe, and praying God to biefs it, and pronouncingit Weft. 3. The breaking it, ignited the breaking of Chrift's Body , reprefented hereby as the Sacrifice for fin. 4. The giving it, fignifieth the giving himfelfto believing receivers; with andfor their Spiritual andeverlafting life. For the Sacrament as adminiftred bath thefe three parts, s. The Confecration, 2. The Commemo- ration, or Reprefentation, 3. TheCommunication. S. (Tots it my Body,) meaneth [ibis if my facri- freed body reprvfentative.l When it is Confecrated it is not to be tailed [Bread,) that is mere bread for it hath now another form, and firma de- nominar; But it is only a Relativeform : Ifyou ask what matter it bath, It is Bread 'ht.': If you ask what form, it is Chrift's Sacramental 'Body. As ifyou ask ofthe Kings Coin, what is ir, it is in General, Money ,pardcolarly this or that piece of Moneyo The anfwcr is not, it is Silver or Gold, for that fpeaketh not the Form; Hut if you ask what Metal it is made of, it is -silveror Gold, fo is ithere. 6, It is not Chrift's Body as Glorified in Hea- ven that is reprefented in the Sacrament, but as Crucified fiefh. TheSecond Council ofNice, with the foregoingGeneral Council at confien- tinople, agree that Christ's body in Heaven is not jie(h, (though they differ about Images) Flefh andblood enter not there, but Spiritual Chrilt'sa&ion are occafional, and no Laws for ses: As are i.Giving it ata fallòver 5 2. At the end of a Meal; 3. At Supper, or at Night; 4. In an Inn or Gueft Chamber ; 5. To none but his Family; 6. To none but men ; 7. T o none but Miniftcrs ; a.In an upper Room; 9.Lying along in each othersbofoms e ro. But once in his life ; tt. Giving it to all at once, and,not one by one, (tho that leem of more importance than the reft,) 22. Delivering the bread be- fore he gave thanks over the Cup, and not over both at once-: (Cho no doubt thefe may fafely be imitated ) 9. Whether 'fide, was prefent or not, is un- certain, (and of no doRrinal moment) if he were, andChi-ill alto waih'd his feet with thé reft, it (hewed his obduratenefs, that could go prefently forth to betray him. -Doubtlels if wicked Hypocrites intrude, the fin and pu- nithmenr is only their own, fobe it we fin not by negleáing-difcipline ; for the Keys are gi- ven to the fafiots to keep out men, proved uncapable by impenitence. 27. And he took the cup , and gave thanks, and gave it to them, faying, Drink ye all of it. 28. For this is my bloud of the new teiba- ment, which is flied for many for the remiffìoa of fins. 27.28. N. Giving to one by one, is not neceffary. 2. The Evangelifts fpeak not all the fame words in reciting Chrift's admini- ftration. Matthew hash no more but [This it my Body) nor Mark neither; leaving out [Which is given for you) as Lake bath it, or [Both is brokenfor you] as Paul hath it, [Do this in Re- membrance of me.) Andof the Cup there are different words of Matthew , Mark, Lake and Paul s and Mark mentioncth their drinking it before Chrift's words, [This it my blood of the new Teffament, &c.) But what is not fpoken by one, is by another,and the fenfe is the fame; and it tells us, that if filch a dif- ference be in our adminiftration, it nullifieth not the Sacrament, 28. [This wine is reprefentatively or Sacra- mentally my blood (Red, (not as that of the Pafchal Lamb, for yews only to feal that Old Bodies ; it is not Befit,if it confift notof fibrous Covenant of their peculiarity, but) for the coagulated Blood and Chyme made of food; Gentiles allo, or the world, to purchafe and leal which is not there. the Univerf l Covenant of Grace, which gi- 7. But it the trae body f Chrifl that was veth free pardon and life to all true believing firttoffered to God in facrifìce, and as fuch go.. accepters. ven tobelieving Receivers, fo far as to be theirs 29. But I fay unto you , I will in Relation of myftical union, and the Meri- not drink henceforthof this fruit of torious cattle of their pardon, grace and glory. the vine , until that day when I 8. What a novel Monitor the fi &ionofTran: drink- it new with you in my Fa- fubRantiation is, I have fully opened ina little ther's kingdom. Treadle called [Fla and Babe Satisfaelionwhat 29 Two ditYculties here arife, r. Did not is the True Religion,), The Circutnítances of . Chrift drink with them after his Refurrection? ,Anfw.