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Ch. 26. Mary's Ointment. St.Matthew. 2heTraiter. Ch.26, it on his head, as he fat at meat. ted an Hypocrite in the Apoftlefhip, and to 8. But when his difciples faw it, betray him, to foretel us that Covetous fal(è- hearted Hypocrites will be in the Vifible they had indignation, faying, To Church ; and will betray . 2. Covetous love what purppferis this waf}e ? 9. For of Money is the rood of treachery in Hypn this ointment might have been fold trice Minilters and others. 3. yadais fin was for much, and given to the poor. not by hidden Pa(fian but deliberate, concri- b, arc., t. It being ulusl at great faults in ved and contra&ed (for three pound fifteen the Country to anoint, the figniced by this Shillings.) her great love and honour so Chrift. a. 17. Now the firl1 day of the feuff 'Judas was the chief murmurer, but perhaps of unleavened bread, the difciples force others might obje&. tame to Jefus , laying unto him, ro. When Jefus underf}ood it, Where wilt thou that we prepare for he laid unto them . why trouble ye thee to eat the paffover. the woman ? for the hath wrought a u7. On-the fifth, day of the week, called 'good work upon me. i r. For ye now Thurfday, at eventide, err. have the poor always with you but 18: And he Paid, Go into the city me ye havenot always. 12. For in to fuch a man, and fay unto him, that (he hath poured this ointment The mafterltith my time is at hand, onmy body, the did it for nay bu- I will keep the paffoVer at thy houle with mydifciples. to, ere. N. Tb) works of Charity to the . x8. N. As to the great centroverfes here, poor are highly eßeemed by Chrift, and prefer- whether Chrift and the Jews slid eat the Paffo- red befnu many rites and finaller matters, yet ver the fatpe day, and whether Chrift did eat tome works of piety muft be preferred before the Palehal Lamb, or only the unleavened bread them. And that duty may in its fealòn and bitter herbs ; which was the beginning of be greater, which is not fo at another time. the Paffover, being to have eaten the Lamb 13. Verily I fay unto you , at the next Evening, if he had not been Sa- Wherefoever this golpe! Thal! be 'érificed himfelf: I leave the difcuffion ofthem preached in the whole world, there to Commentators, who handle them at large, (hall allo this that this woman bath not troubling ordinary Readers witia them. done, be , told for a memorial of i9 the m, did as J her. had appointed tlieiri, and they made t3. N. r. Howhighly Chrift valueth the true ready the pullover. zo. Now when love and coftly piety of the meaneft! 2. the even was come, he fat down Chrift knew end decreed that the Gofpelor with the twelve. 21. And as they Hiftoryof his Life, Death, and Burial, and Re- did eat, he laid, Verily I fay unto furreetion thould be preached throughout the you, that one ofyou (hall betray me, World, yea and written too : The words in Marsh. 24, (Let barn that readeth under/land] 22. Atld toey were exceeding ihr- feem to be Chrift's own words, and to imply rowful , and began every one of that all thofe his words fhould be written ; at them to fay unto hits, Lord, is it I? Fall we may Well anfiver them that ask, 23. And he anfwered and fluid, Ile. Where did Chrift command them to write Iv' diopetll his Band with" me the Scripture? that T. His Spirit in themcan- man'ded it. 2. Writing is but the nuff public& in the difb, the faro'. (litll betray frt of Prearhing. me. r4. Then one of the twelve, cal- 19, &v. N. t. Chriftbeingunder the Law, led Judas Ifcariot, went unto the teas to keep tlaec Law of the Pafibver. s. The innoÑene Dilciplts were trnut>léd 66th at chief-prieils, 15. And laid unto than the tidings of the using, and that they fhould What will ye. give the, and I will be under fialpicion. deliver him unto. you ? And . they 24 The Son of man goeth as it covenanted with him for thirty pie- is written ofhint : but wo unto that ces of filer,. L6. And from that man by whom the Son of man is time he fought opportunity to be- betrayed : 'it had been good for that: tray him. man, ifhe had not been born. a4, 15, 16..N., Chrift knowingly permit- 34, N. God's decree to bring goad om' of mans